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Ofcom release interactive UK Fixed Broadband Map 2011

Map showing broadband information by administrative authority

Nevada legalises driverless cars

The State of Nevada has taken steps to enable the use of autonomous vehicles on their roads.

Assembly Bill 511 (pdf) "requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to adopt
regulations authorizing the operation of autonomous vehicles on highways within
the State of Nevada. "

and "defines an “autonomous vehicle” to mean a motor vehicle that uses artificial intelligence, sensors and global positioning system coordinates to drive itself without the active intervention of a human operator."

More from The Telegraph and The New York Times

I needed the @cyclestreets Android app yesterday

At last, the CycleStreets cycling route planner is available on Android.

This would have saved me several miles on a busy main road yesterday, by showing me a quiet route out of Guildford.

Location, Location, Mobile! - calling LBS developers in and around Leeds

Join Mobile Manifest on 14 July in Leeds; together with the NAVTEQ Network for Developers and Nokia giving insights into the mapping data, tools and services available for integrating positioning technology into mobile applications.

Developers that have successfully deployed Location Based Services in their apps will give demonstrations.

 - NAVTEQ Network for Developers, Insight & Opportunities

 - Nokia Maps APIs & Nokia Developer Opportunities

 - Beer


One week left to enter applications for the European Satellite Navigation Competition

Submit your ideas by 30th June 2011. Details on the competition website.

The competition is open for any ideas that use satellite navigation technology: position, time, navigation or any other application - professional, consumer or social.

Integrated Transport... what the future holds. Bristol event

Within our complex transport infrastructure, which needs to move people, goods and data efficiently and securely, where are the upcoming opportunities for technology companies to engage?

29th Jun 2011, Leigh Court Business Centre, Bristol

Programme and booking

Funding competition - ICT innovation in manufacturing and construction

This Collaborative R&D Competition opened on June 6th. Applicants must be registered by July 27th.

Briefing event. Manchester June 15th

_connect group

Competition announcement and documents

The competition focuses on the software components of ICT and the alignment of ICT systems with people and processes. The project innovation must be in the software and process change elements to be in scope.

What we can learn about ourselves from mobile technology

So the Met police have software that collates and analyses your digital footprint or shadow: Guardian article

Well really how powerful can that be? Surprisingly - according to Wall Street Journal (preview free)

They cite; research at MIT that can predict if you are getting flu - just from your behaviour pattern as monitored by your phone, a project at the LSE that indicates that "The most despondent place in the U.K. is an hour or so west of London, in a town called Slough.", and the impact of the language divide in Belgium.

Apple and Google statements to Senate hearing on mobile privacy and locating tracking

Apple's statement to the Senate hearing (PDF) and Google's testimony

TomTom response to reuse of location data

Thanks to GPS Business News for this discussion of what TomTom do (and don't want to do) with data returned from connected PNDs

Playstation Network security breach: Sony response

wow; a second well reasoned, corporate response. From Sony this time.

Smartphone tracking, Apple's response

A press release from Apple gives a well reasoned reply to the controversy generated by the discovery of location data stored on iPhones.

Know any budding Space Engineers?

Avanti have launched their Space Scholarship Scheme to encourage young people to pursue a career in the UK space industry.


Indoor Localization and Tracking Competition - 25-29 July, 2011, Valencia 

Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) applications .

Announcing the first EvAAL Competition on Indoor Localization and Tracking to be held on the 25-29 July, 2011 at the CIAMI Living Lab in Valencia, and the concluding workshop to be held in conjunction with the AAL Forum on the 26-28 September 2011, Lecce , IT (


New EU guidelines to address privacy concerns over use of RFIDs

The European Commission has signed a voluntary agreement with industry, civil society, ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency), and privacy and data protection watchdogs in Europe to establish guidelines for all companies in Europe to address the data protection implications of smart tags (Radio Frequency Identification Devices – RFID) prior to placing them on the market. 

Space Engineering Innovation Grant Scheme

£15k Cash Grants Available for Space Technology Companies

The University of Surrey, in partnership with SEEDA, is offering small businesses up to £15k in cash.

These cash grants can be used for any activity that helps a UK business exploit existing or new projects, ideas, products or services, with the aim of helping create economic impact and grow opportunities for small companies in the South East ‘Space Sector’.

Call for applications will close on 20th April 2011 .

Applicants should be SMEs or start-up companies based in the SEEDA region, with interests in or links to the space technology sector.


How to locate a computer to better than 700 metres

Reported in the New Scientist; a novel method of analysing the internet routes and delays to your computer gives, on average, a location result within 690 metres of the target and doesn't require any permissions.

Iceberg tracking using GPS and WiFi

BBC report on NERC/Swansea University plans to track iceberg formation in Greenland.

Swansea University report.

Physics puzzle game from Autodesk

 - TinkerBox an iPhone App from from CAD heavyweights Autodesk is part game, part engineering, part inspirational .

OpenTech 2011 - May 21

Informal, low-cost, 1day conf on slightly different approaches to tech, politics & transport. Details - - - - - - -

*What's the day going to have?*
- Technology
- Transport
- Democracy
- Now with added hardware!
- you...

*What are we looking for?*
- Proposals from people who want to give a presentation, run a panel, organise a
  tutorial, or run a demo of something new and interesting.
- Publicity - please blog/tweet/forward and tell your friends!
- anything that we should have that we don't know we're looking for

*What topics do we hope to cover?*
- Technology
- Democracy
- Transport (and travel)
- London - and other cities
- Sustainability - how to turn hackdays and demos into something more permanent
- Open Hardware - doing things technologies were perhaps not intended to do

If you've got an interesting proposal that doesn't fit into any of the categories above, please send it in anyway!

*What have we already got talks or sessions about?*
- Community linked data
- and other vagueish things being firmed up

We're still looking for more talks on all our topics, so if you want to offer something, we're waiting to hear your ideas.

*How do I submit a proposal?*
- Online form at

- Deadline for submissions is midnight on 2nd March 2011.

*Can I buy or reserve a ticket to the event?*
- Join our mailing list at
 and we'll email
  you nearer the time with more information.

*Any other questions?*
- Read the submissions page at or email

More information at

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