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What we can learn about ourselves from mobile technology

So the Met police have software that collates and analyses your digital footprint or shadow: Guardian article

Well really how powerful can that be? Surprisingly - according to Wall Street Journal (preview free)

They cite; research at MIT that can predict if you are getting flu - just from your behaviour pattern as monitored by your phone, a project at the LSE that indicates that "The most despondent place in the U.K. is an hour or so west of London, in a town called Slough.", and the impact of the language divide in Belgium.



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Interesting article Peter

I would happily give up location data for the research , I would also love to see the results - I'm sure there would be some really interesting outputs.

I suspect I'm only one of a few people that doesn't mind mobile companies tracking my data?
Posted on 16/05/11 13:26.