Buildings Better Connected

We were a little surprised when we won a TSB funded project to work on Buildings Better Connected; the concept we proposed investigating and developing came to use quite late in the application timescale, and we felt others may proffer a better bid. However, we are always happy to develop and investigate innovation energy solutions, and particularly pleased when the TSB fund us to explore our own.

This must be about the 4th TSB project we have worked on (Retrofit for the Future, Building Performance Evaluation, Smart Grid and now BBC). The TSB is transforming the opportunities for small innovative businesses to develop their techniques and know how in the UK. Up until its existence there was only really funding fro universities (whose aim is to publish rather than develop businesses) and occasional grants to entrepreneurs of circa £5k which is hardly going to transform the technological prospects of the UK.

So on BBC, what are we going to do?

Our plan is to develop technique, which allows the control and connection of energy systems within buildings to smooth the power output from wind farms, which is a major looming problem. We have published on this wind power volatility issue and our paper is kindly referenced by many across the world. You can grab a copy at our web site at:


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