NAT SIG-hosted events

As well as funding opportunities, discussions and news about emerging non-animal technologies, the NAT SIG hosts events throughout the year to stimulate new ideas and debate which will drive forward the development and application of NATs within the UK.


What are they?

These events range from workshops to webinars on a variety of subjects relevant to the wider development, application and adoption of NATs, and give participants the opportunity to network and create new partnerships with researchers from across academia and industry with expertise in a range of disciplines.

We will work collaboratively with other organisations where appropriate to host these events and engage new communities to improve understanding of cross-sector and cross-discipline requirements and bottlenecks in the development and deployment of NATs.

The output from each event will be made available by a number of routes, including as a short report, webinar or peer-reviewed publication. Details of current outputs can be found on the sidebar on the right.


Who should attend?

NAT SIG events are open to all scientists from across academia, industry, and the SME sector that have particular expertise in the subject matter of the event, or an interest in the further development and/or application of the technologies being discussed for improved safety and efficacy testing.

We provide an open and safe environment to encourage open discussion and reserve the right to decline the registration of organisations and individuals whose attendance could either directly, or by association with others, undermine the success of our events.


When are they happening?

NAT SIG events will be advertised in the calendar below, and on our 'Events' page.

Upcoming NATs events

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Workshop reports

Applying human cell and regenerative medicine technologies to safety and efficacy of new drugs

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