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The five funded projects

Read the press announcement here  and the full press release here

Projects have started in the January - February window.



This space was provided during the period the competition Network Services Demonstrators Competition (here)  is open as well as during the subsequent phases of the initiative when the demonstrator are being developed, go live and hopefully become national ‘hotspots’  for trials and innovation in business models, applications and services that centre on advanced network capabilities and services.     



 The initiative 

What is the rationale of the initiative?  There is high unmet demand for open, live experimentation with novel business models, applications and services that could be enabled by advanced networks. Although such networks are already available and small-scale trials are under way, there is a need to stimulate the opening-up of advanced capabilities and network services, and to lower barriers to such experimentation.

In response to this demand, to kick-start the activity the Technology Strategy Board has allocated up to £2 million as seed investment into projects that will establish Network Services Demonstrators. 
Demonstrators will be based on a pre-existing on soon-to go live network infrastructure (ideally with a local footprint), a connected user base and advanced capabilities & services made available together for a period of at least 12 month for pre-commercial experimentation. Each demonstrator will need to expose one or more advanced network service enablers (e.g. dynamic bandwidth allocation, local caching, multicasting, local traffic blending) around which novel business models, applications and services can be developed and trialled.




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