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National Space Technology Strategy

National Space Technology Strategy

The National Space Technology Strategy was officially published following the Space Leadership Council meeting on Thursday 7th April 2011. You are now able to download the Strategy and the Technology Roadmaps.

The Space Innovation Growth Team through the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (IGS) published an extensive and detailed report in 2010. The report was prepared by a team of experts selected from across industry, academia and central government and made a clear set of recommendations.

I had the pleasure to chair the Technologies, Capabilities and Facilities work stream whose work set a strong foundation for the third IGS recommendation which stated: "The UK Government and industry should establish a National Space Technology Strategy (NSTS), with a clearly identifiable budget separate and additional to ESA and research council budgets. This recommendation is a key building block in delivering the jobs and economic growth planned, and should be established quickly and funded properly. A National Space Technology Steering Group should be set up immediately to oversee the NSTS, chaired by industry, but with Government representation".

In August 2010 the National Space Technology Steering Group was created, which I now chair and has representation from Government departments and agencies, industry and academia. This Group with support from the Space Special Interest Group has pulled together this document, the National Space Technology Strategy with a suite of underpinning technology roadmaps.

It identifies the Strategy's objectives and introduces an initial set of 5 sector roadmaps building on the IGS data and conclusions updated through a series of roadmap workshops held with the UK space community through September 2010. The roadmaps are sector based, providing a clear vision and cohesive technology strategy for UK space activities. They bring together the institutional, commercial and scientific objectives and respond to the wider UK challenges of meeting society's needs.

During the next few months we intend to harmonise further the relationship between this, the UK Programme and other international activities as well as seeking to draw out cross-cutting themes. These approaches will maximise the UK's engagement and impact on the global space economy. I encourage you to read the summary and following document with a view to engaging at all levels to enable delivery of the National Space Technology Strategy.

The effort to create the document and roadmaps should not be underestimated and has involved extensive consultation across the UK space community over 6 months; I wish to thank the National Space Technology Steering Group, the Space Special Interest Group and the community at large for their time and contributions in delivering what follows.


To download the National Space Technology Strategy please click here or visit the document library.

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