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Queen's University scientists devise 'magic bullet' drug for lung injury

There are 15,000 cases of Acute Lung Injusry or ALI every year in the UK. The main causes are road traffic accidents and infections, and many with the condition die as a result of lung failure. Researchers from Queen's University Belfast have devised a 'magic bullet' nanomedicine which could become the first effective treatment for ALI.


A team of scientists and clinicians have together developed a new nanomedicine that is inhaled, thus taking the drug directly into the lungs and to the point of inflammation.Professor Chris Scott, who is leading the research, said: "Nanoparticles are perhaps one of the most exciting new approaches to drug development. Most research in the area focuses on how the delivery of drugs to the disease site can be improved in these minute carriers. Our own research in this area focuses on how nanoparticles interact with cells and how this can be exploited to produce therapeutic effects both in respiratory disease and cancer."


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Source: BBC Website

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