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NanoFormulation2013 will share the best practices on the use of nanomaterials in formulations. The formulation of materials at the nanoscale is scientifically challenging requiring novel physico-chemical and technological approaches. Nanoparticles, novel in size, shape or surface chemistry, offer very attractive functional properties to a range of formulated products, from drug delivery system to coatings and cosmetics. Nanotechnologies are likely to offer a wide range of economic benefits as nanoformulation scientists unlock the potential of formulated products. NanoFormulation2013 offers delegates a traditional conference program and also the opportunity to participate in structured networking events, a UK Formulation Showcase Event and a Training Day.

NanoFormulation2013 will take full advantage of being in Manchester: a special keynote lecture about graphene from the Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Konstantin Novoselov; further keynote talks will give an understanding of why formulation is such a powerhouse in the UK both commercially and scientifically; while other keynotes will give an international perspective on developments in nanoformulation.

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