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Presentations now available from Thro' Silicon Vias Workshop

On 31st October 2012, the NanoKTN and JEMI UK held a workshop on Thro' Silicon Vias at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, attended by 30 delegates.


Delegates heard from a range of speakers from industry and academia:

  • TSV Background: Why TSV's are Needed - Ian Burnett, Director, JEMI UK Ltd
  • The Shrinking World for Medical Implants - Piers Tremlett, Microsemi
  • TSVs in Full Thickness Wafers - Andrew Bunting, University of Edinburgh
  • TSV Metallisation - John Macneil, Picofluidics
  • Metrology Challenges in TSV Fabrication - Mark Berry, Metryx
  • Micro and Nanofabrication of Silicon Devices - Brendan Casey, Kelvin Nanotechnology


Most of the presentations from the event are now available to download from the NanoKTN website. Click here for access. Please note these are in a members only area so you will need to login or register (for free by clicking here) in order to gain access.


The event was concluded with an open discussion on 'How to fabricate TSV’s on small scale and are there gaps and opportunities in the UK supply chain?' Notes from the discussion are also available via the link above.



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