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More Energy Harvesting Workshops on funding .. - pls read on ...

Following on from the two successful meetings, one at the NEC about three weeks ago, & then in London this week, we (the Energy-Harvesting SIG) would like to bring to your attention two more information & collaboration building meetings: 'More Energy Harvesting Workshops' - pls see :


FYI: One of these meetings is in Wales & the other is in Scotland

BR Alec



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FYI: Have you read this article yet?­tns-urge-businesses-to-apply-for-new-technology-strategy-board-funding-to-realis­e-commercial-benefits-of-energy-harvesting-applications-in-industry
Posted on 19/10/12 09:49.
You may wish to discuss potential projects with the following member who is interested in two of the competitions on this topic.

Posted on 19/10/12 13:46 in reply to Alec Reader.
Energy Harvesting for Autonomous Sensing Competition Briefing: Register Now:
The Technology Strategy Board is launching a collaborative R&D feasibility and demonstrator competition with up to £1m to invest in projects using low-power energy harvesting technologies for autonomous sensing.
On Tuesday 23rd October the Technology Strategy Board is holding a briefing event for all those interested in applying for funding. The event, at the Strand Palace Hotel in London will run from 09:30 to 12:30 and will cover the basics of how to apply, the scope and rules of the competition. Members of the Competitions Team will be on hand to discuss consortia eligibility issues, funding criteria and any other competition related questions. The event is free to attend but registration is encouraged. Register now.
For those not able to attend, a live webcast of the event is also being made available from 09:30 23rd October. Again, attendance is free but registration is highly recommended. Register now.
Regards, EH SIG
Posted on 21/10/12 13:50.

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