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Good news for our award-winning Process Equipment Industry!

Good news for our award-winning Process Equipment Industry - and a great opportunity on our doorstep!

The Flemish government has agreed to help fund the 450mm transition of the IMEC R&D facilty in Leuven.  This investment will allow the next generation of nano-electronic devices to be fabricated in Leuven (B) - and it is very likely that our leading-edge equipment  companies will be involved in some of the tooling for the facility.

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Great news and very far sighted decision by the Flemish Government and hopefully matched by support from the rest of Europe too.
There is no doubt that 450mm will go ahead and the best news is that we have quite a large number of British Companies involved at this leading edge in Si technology both in equipoment and materials needed to enable this transition. JEMI has championed leadership in this area for some time and now that we have this initiative right on our doorstep it is time to come to the table for us all in the UK. At our recent S2K Conference at the Southampton Nanocentre, Malcolm Penn, of Future Horizons, accurately forecast that this support would be present and highlighted some of the opportunites which will also no doubt prove to be his usual accurate predictions of the markets as they open up.
This transition creates and secures numerous high value jobs in this sector and creates more than 99% of output of these firms as exports.
I think it is the right time for the TSB to launch some local support for this acitivity with a competion focussed entirely at technologies, equipment and materials which are directly enabling this transisition and in this way we can join the IMEC Team at the cutting edge.
Ian Burnett, JEMI UK
Posted on 11/07/12 11:32.

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