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Security Problems To Consider While Building An App

The number of mobile apps released over the years is astonishing, and this number is growing. As the number of mobile apps and users grow, hackers have more opportunity to strike. App developers must take the user’s security needs into serious consideration.

Why do app development companies need to take app security seriously?

While lots of security features like encrypted data are useful to users hoping to remain safe while making use of a particular app, some features can slow the connection speed and the app’s effectiveness. This will leave the user’s device open to hacks.

Scams and behavior manipulation

The security features that protect users from attacks on their phones directly won’t be as important as the security features that deceive the user to hand over their information. New apps should implement or consider the following strategies and actions:

Create a clear protocol system that all users must follow when handling account information and build a clear and simple method of password retrieval when there’s account loss.

Where possible, mobile app development company should try to control and eliminate any imitators with malware in their system, as this will protect the users and the app’s good reputation.

The app developers must try to enter the mind of the hacker while building their app to know any methodologies the hackers could potentially use in tricking a consumer. Apps and developers must also have a secure website with social media presence to discourage scammers and imitators who would fill that void.

The prevalence of hackers and network usage

Apps make use of data, and some applications require the use of Wi-Fi as well. This can cause a security breach due to the insecure nature of public networks, where even the most amateurish of hackers can steal anything from a user.

The significance of privacy

There’s also the need for privacy for apps being developed today. People are more aware of the permissions apps use, and they may very well be careful to use an application based on what data it requests from the user’s phone.

Android app development companies want to consider the following:

  • Ensure that there’s a way to hide information from users.
  • Allowing users to delete the account at any time.
  • Make sure that information gathered through the app won’t be shared with advertisers or third parties.
  • Be totally transparent about information collected by the app and fully inform the users to make an informed decision about the app use.

Of course, every app is a bit different and should take security into consideration in different ways. However, privacy is the general rule, and motive developers should follow when they're considering cyber security within their app.

More powerful apps require more information

Consider Siri or Cortana. The amount of data they collect is astounding, as is the possible problem if those programs are compromised.

App developers must consider hiring a cyber-security expert. They have to consider the costs of the specialist, as the cost of a possible cybersecurity breach can’t be ignored. An enterprise can lose millions in lost productivity, and they could have a lawsuit to settle with victims of their terrible planning.

Even though hackers might be responsible for attacks, application developers still have to play their own role. Will developers listen to these serious concerns? Some may, but others will need to be reminded.

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