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  • Valeria Branciforti, Knowledge Transfer Manager

    Valeria Branciforti, Knowledge Transfer Manager

    Valeria is an architect specialised in energy topics both in civil and industrial sectors. She has experience in working with Universities, start-ups incubators, SMEs and Large Companies in different EU countries.

    She is interested in finding cross sector connections and in facilitating the creation of interdisciplinary working groups, always trying to exploit the inside potential of each project and situation. Her final goal is contributing to create places and buildings that can be easily used by people in everyday life and according to their needs.

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  • Stephen Lowe, Knowledge Transfer Manager

    Stephen Lowe, Knowledge Transfer Manager

    Stephen Lowe came to the KTN community some ten years ago from the Technical Strategy Group of Virgin Media. He has a history of innovation running from the development of Hall effect devices, LEDs and Masers for the first trans-Atlantic television satellite Telstar while at Mullard Research Labs, through the introduction of digital video technologies to the BBC and on to the US broadcast equipment manufacturer Ampex. In 1993 he was project director for the building of the new ITV franchise in the Southwest, Westcountry Television.
    After the channel went on air he moved to Eurobell, a new cable television, telephone and broadband operator. He brought the networks in Devon into service and later developed networks in Sevenoaks and Moscow. He led teams in European Union funded research projects on microwave broadband systems. He remained with the company assisting acquisitions first with Deutsche Telekom then Telewest and finally VirginMedia.

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  • Bruce McLelland, Head of the Built Environment

    Bruce McLelland, Head of the Built Environment

    I am a technology enthusiast with a motor sports fascination, enjoys garage band home recording projects and training a local youth football team.
    After graduating in Systems Engineering, I initially went into the music industry gaining in sound engineering setting up studios for testing developmental magnetic tape innovation alongside standard music recording contracts.
    This was soon followed by another systems engineering role with Fujitsu to deliverer high value IT infrastructure installations including the NHS back-end infrastructure upgrade at Richmond House and the installation of an EDS/EBS global private banking network.  
    My time as the Sector Head at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) was to lead on a number of business steams within their Knowledge Management division.  This put me in direct contact with a number of sectors including power transmission/distribution, electromagnetics, building energy efficiency and Infrastructure Risk and Resilience.   Notably the delivery of the IET's partnership with London 2012/Olympic Delivery Authority, Infrastructure Risk and Residence collaborators, Framework 7 projects in Energy Efficiency and the MoD.   
    Now working for the Knowledge Transfer Network, the focus remains with the future city challenges, the impact of connected systems and urban innovation programmes and where the opportunities lie for the innovators in this sphere.   I addition to spot where other sectors could benefit from innovation within the Built Environment and visa versa. 

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  • Daniela Melandri, Knowledge Transfer Manager

    Daniela Melandri, Knowledge Transfer Manager

    Daniela Melandri joined the KTN community at the beginning of June 2014, leading the BE H2020 relationships. In 2002 she created the Consortium of ABI Energia, related to energy management activities for the Italian Banks within the Italian Banking Association. Since 2005

    Dr. Melandri has been the head of EnerGia-Da, an Italian design and project management company focalized on sustainable use of energy in final uses, sustainable architecture and sustainable communication.

    In 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 she has been project manager and lecturer in the University Training courses "Energy professional" promoted by the Minister for the Environment together with University of Rome Tor Vergata. From 2005 till 2008 she has been travelling around the world to study the best example of sustainable architecture Worldwide. She was the leader of the project, named S.O.S.tenibilita', which was funded by the Italian Ministry for the Environment together with Italian National TV RAI. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 she has been EU evaluator for the Intelligent Energy Programme, evaluating more than 80 proposals related to Energy Efficiency in the Building sector. Following the evaluation experience, in 2009 she has been creator and assistant coordinator of the EU project named USE Efficiency University and Students for Energy Efficiency (ranked in 2013 as one of the top five EU training projects during the EUSEW).

    In 2012 she created the USE Efficiency Association, now involving more than 20 EU universities. She is actually the President. In 2011 Daniela wrote and then coordinated (as official coordinator) another EU project, named Energy Bits – media and youngsters for low energy footprint. The project has been awarded in 2013 and 2014 as one of the best EU five projects in sustainable communication during the EUSEW ( Since October 2012 Daniela is visiting Lecturer for Sustainable Management and Feasibility studies in Brunel University, London. She has a Ph.D. in Energy Management, a MBA degree (Master in Business Administration) and a Master Degree in Management Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

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