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Periodic Table of Endangered Elements

I've been teasing for long enough, and feel its time to show some pictures from the Sustainable Futures exhibition at the Design Museum.



I was delighted when my periodic table of Endangered Elements was included as an exhibit. I talked about the background of this in my last post and the resource can be found here:

Nearly every time I present using the slide I get a request for a copy, particularly from designers, so it was perhaps time for it to go public.



As may be clear, I had sent both the old version (that most had seen) and a recently updated one which took in a wider variety of information sources and tried to apply a RAG status. They displayed both. I have to admit, it was quite a thrill to see designers studying it with such interest.




The exhibition displayed new ideas from the sustainable design community interspersed with 'issue' exhibits along the lines of the periodic table. I really liked the one on embedded water content:



I suggest you go see for yourself. The exhibition is on until September:


My thanks also to Amy Peace at Chemicals Northwest who has also blogged on this issue:



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An excellent visual demonstration of the issues facing society in respect of diminishing resources, Mike. Thanks.

I noted with interest that this was the basis of a question on QI recently - 'Where is the best place to mine for gold in the UK? Answer: old mobile phones.'

I know that to our community some of this is old hat but until the ideas gain popular currency it is beholden on us to come up with imaginative ways to get the message into mass consciousness.

Keep up the good work!
Posted on 13/05/10 10:31.