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6th – 10th October 2014

Monday I headed into London to catch up with Forum for the Future on our systems work and the plans to build up to the next circular economy competition. Great of them to let me take over their Christmas network meeting. Again. I followed that with a meeting with Green Alliance on how we can understand research and innovation needs for novel materials used in high-value manufacturing that keep these resources in productive use for longer. A good example is that of composites – a powerful enabler of manufacturing innovation but insufficient thought has gone into end-of-life options. Could we remanufacture or repurpose composite components rather than the current downcycle or burn options? After joining an internal meeting by phone I was able to head to Swindon for the night.

Tuesday was a full day in the office, largely built around a series of interviews for the Lead Technologist role in Resource Efficiency. I also had meetings to discuss future contracts, the upcoming Urban Data competition and catch up with the boss for the first time in a month. My team had also bought a beautiful gift for my new son – a Philadelphia Eagles babygrow! Awesome.

Wednesday I popped into Manchester to speak at an event primarily on Horizons 2020 funding in sustainability and environmental topics. I was covering upcoming resource efficiency and sustainability from us rather than Europe. The event was comprehensive and if you want to see the slides and other info, click here.

After a day off Thursday I returned to Swindon on Friday to crack through some financial work. I am doing more of this stuff so also attended a training session on finance. Great way to end the week!

Lastly I wanted to share this link to a summary of the webchat I did on Guardian Sustainable Business last week:  It is a good summary and flew round Twitter this week.

Stat of the week: There is a potential £1tn market for clean-technology SMEs in developing nations, according to a report by the World Bank Group and the Carbon Trust

This week’s travel carbon footprint: 59 kg CO2

Mike Pitts