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9th – 13th March 2015

Monday I travelled to Swindon for a full day in the office. It started with a Heads of Theme meeting dealing with operational matters. With the boss finally having a holiday I’m doing more of this for the Sustainability team. I then joined Nick Cliffe for the briefing webinar for the Circular Economy: Business Models competition before meeting with Mike Biddle about programme budgets and plans for our Innovation Programmes offsite team meeting (which I am designing). After a pile of paperwork I finally headed into London for the night for meetings the next day.

Tuesday I went into BIS and after discussions over SBRI and Defra leads at our Environmental Data event, I met with our Director of Communications, Linda Wallace and leads at BIS for the Sciencewise programme. Both will be involved in our offsite team meeting as we look at societal needs and concerns as well as economic evidence for our programmes. Sciencewise (despite the name) exists to help policymakers involved in science and technology hold dialogues with the public.

Wednesday I prepared for the second stage of the Clean and Cool Mission as we head back to San Francisco with a number of the Mission companies to pitch at the CleanTech Forum and follow up leads from the first stage. I also took a call from a student at the RSA who had developed a fascinating technology to enable a sensory interface with electronics. He needed some advice on where to go next and I was able to connect him with a friendly IP lawyer as well as point him towards our Smart Materials competition and support from the KTN.

Thursday was spent in phone calls. The first again related to the offsite team meeting. I then joined a meeting on the projects going through to the second stage of the Recovering Valuable Materials from Waste competition. Finally I joined a call to plan our work this year refreshing our strategy on water. This topic sits right across our programmes and updates to information will be useful for many areas. In between calls I finalised a video on our Horizons tool and prepared all the paperwork for the return to San Francisco. With a Saturday departure, I took Friday off to at least spend one day with my family.

Stat of the week:  DECC figures show that UK solar generation almost doubled over the last year, with approximately 5GW of capacity installed by the end of 2014, compared to 2.8GW at the end of 2013. UK solar capacity doubles in 2014
This week’s travel carbon footprint: 40 kg CO2

Mike Pitts