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16th – 20th February 2015

As will always happen occasionally when you are a parent of a young child, I found myself having to change plans and work from home at the start of the week. My wife was ill and I needed to look after her and my 5 month old son. I managed to join all the calls I had booked and work through a lot of emails – even some of them got handled at 2 am!

By Wednesday I was OK to travel again and given the locations I was heading to, took the rare option of the car. I started with a meeting at WRAP in Banbury with Liz Goodwin to align plans on Resource Efficiency. I then collected Rick Holland from Leamington Spa railway station and our Head of Energy from Evesham as we all headed to Broadway in the Cotswolds for a training course the next day.

We were there to spend the whole of Thursday getting media trained. It was a fascinating day and I learned a lot about how to get messages across well. Being live recorded doing a print, radio and TV interview with trained journalists helps you understand how to come across more clearly and the exercises to improve diction felt silly but worked.

Friday I continued to catch up on emails. Driving rather than train travel means limited chances to keep up!

Stat of the week:  The waste sector added £6.8bn in gross value to the economy in 2013 and supported 103,000 jobs according to a Defra report

This week’s travel carbon footprint: 79 kg CO2

Mike Pitts