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26th- 30th January 2015

After a week on the Clean and Cool Mission it was inevitable I’d have a jammed inbox on return – I spent much of Monday and indeed the rest of the week clearing the backlog. On Monday I also urgently pulled together a presentation for the Rushlight Event on Thursday on upcoming cleantech funding competitions from us. My Energy team colleagues had provided various slides and I needed to create the full presentation.

Tuesday was back on the road and three days in London. Thanks to another failure in our rail infrastructure I was late to a roundtable meeting with the UK Environmental Law Association and various organisations we work with on the circular economy to examine which non-innovation barriers exist for companies moving this way and how could we work to overcome them. I then had to leave the meeting early to get to Defra to discuss potential SBRI projects with them. I then caught up with Sarah Tromans (Sustainability team) and David Altabev (ex-colleague) over dinner.

Wednesday I met with Nick Cliffe at our hot-desk space in BIS and we worked our way through the Resource Efficiency portfolio which is now his responsibility! We also planned the upcoming competitions briefings. Nick and I then joined our colleagues in the Sustainability team for a full meeting. We had several guests – Dale Heenan to talk about our new IT equipment, Nicole Pethybridge on improving our customer service and Natalie Waugh on communications strategy. Three hours wasn’t enough to cover everything! I then caught up with Sophie Bolden of UKTI to discuss how we work together better on our Entrepreneur Missions.

Thursday started with the Rushlight Event and I was pleased to see so many Clean and Cool alumni in the crowd. The new WRAP Chair, Julie Hill was chairing a session which made it easy for us to have the meeting we’d planned to discuss working together in new ways. I then raced across town to the Trampery for a Forum for the Future Sustainable Business Models Group. We had an excellent session discussing how digital platforms change business models and how we can help the big companies in the group manage that transition. In particular we looked at how is can help more resource efficient business models.

Friday was spent on the phone, almost back-to-back as I briefed the boss-boss, contributed to an article on circular economy by way of an interview, talked international programmes with Kenan Poleo, next stage of the Mission with Guy Pattison and interviewed with Jon Card for a Guardian feature on investment in cleantech related to the Mission.

Stat of the week:  The 64 Clean and Cool alumni companies have raised over £550m in investment since the Missions

This week’s travel carbon footprint: 34 kg CO2 (dwarfed by the 4 ton of carbon in a round trip to San Francisco the week before)

Mike Pitts


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