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15th – 19th December 2014

My last trip of the year was Monday to the Swindon office. The main reason was to work through the latest finances and budgets with the team there. I managed to weave in a catch up with the boss on the train and (different) phone calls with the Met Office and Ellen MacArthur Foundation about future joint work. I also started the process of planning an event to wrap up the Solving Business Problems with Environmental Data project portfolio by getting them all together to share what they learnt and look at follow on support.

I had rotten luck on the trains home – twice watching the connection I wanted leave the station without me. I got home later than I wanted but did at least get the chance to catch up with emails.

Tuesday at home I prepared a presentation for the Recovering Valuable Materials from Waste competition and joined a meeting (by phone) with Nesta on how we might work together to support sharing economy innovation. We concluded more evidence was needed of the benefits and barriers and that a list of UK start-ups in the area needed compiling. I think I left the actions for Nesta and Catherine Joce of the KTN! We also had a quick Sustainability team meeting by phone to check the latest updates before the Christmas break.

I had a day off Wednesday and spent Thursday working on slides for the Circular Economy: Business Models competition briefing, as well as understanding how we can work with WRAP to help companies do better projects from the competition. We will do something similar in support of our Building Whole-Life Performance competition. I also took calls with Accenture on using us as a case study for circular economy support, with the chair of our Resource Efficiency Steering Group on what next, and Guy Pattison on the latest work to understand the impact the Clean and Cool Missions are having on the alumni companies.

Friday I worked on budget forecasts, a whole team event for next year and joined a meeting (again by phone) to help develop the roadmap for a UK Bioeconomy. Although I will work Monday and start back on 2nd January, I won’t blog again until w/c 5th January. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Stat of the week:  The annual cost of damage caused by nitrogen across Europe is £60 ‐ £280 billion -  costs each person around £130 ‐ £650 a year [Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, UK – March 2011]

This week’s travel carbon footprint: 30 kg CO2

Mike Pitts


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