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Partnering for Innovation, September Part 3: Chris Jackson

On September 30th, we hosted another Partnering for Innovation event looking at the current TSB metadata funding call, this time round at RIBA in London.

Chris Jackson is the CEO of Metabroadcast, previous recipients of TSB funding; Chris describes the company and its projects as + telly, that is, TV re-aggregated and socialised through various web iterations. He talked us through various services, including Channel 4's Test Tube Telly, Watchsomething and the in-development Gawp.


You can watch Chris' full presentation here. But some of his observations which struck me included:

  • Compared with pure Data, metadata provided a great return on investment. Put another way: it takes vastly more bandwidth and storage to deal with content than it does the highly valuable information about it (Chris took us through a single edition of Question Time, looking at what it takes to stream it compared with the little it takes to add metadata value, be it programme info, social media info, related programme recommendation and so on.)
  • Smart uses of metadata can facilitate the segmentation, personalisation, sharing and discovery of TV content.
  • We needn't reinvent the wheel: metadata can allow content recommendations to flow out of the conversations already happening on, say, Twitter or Facebook.
  • The added commercial value brought about through metadata aggregation includes: work with tastemakers, preference collection, optimised pricing and extended journeys, including, of course, advertising
  • Great value can also be driven by interaction data being shared between disparate systems.

That's the last of my rather delayed reports from the event! We have, of course, got another series of PFI  events coming up in November and December, exploring next spring's Metadata and Tools of Production TSB funding call. Look forward to reports from them if you can't make it along.

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