Emerging Medical Technologies Priority Area

This new area has been created to build on past activities which have highlighted innovative technologies from within Official Groups and from UK Centres of Excellence, with the plan being to collate this information and provide a dossier of UK capabilities that can be used to make new UK connections but also to showcase the UK overseas (working with UKTI).  This work will also draw on the results (successful businesses) of Technology Strategy Board funded projects and the successful companies from Future Health Missions. A form of UK showcase database will be created which builds on priority areas but also extends beyond to potentially disruptive technologies. There will be strong synergy with other priority areas, and collaboration with technology acing KTNs.

The Emerging Medical Technologies Priority Area focuses on medical technology products that can diagnose, treat and manage disease and injury, and improve quality of life. This activity is particularly complementary to the Assisted Living, Detection and Identification of Infectious Agents and Stratified Medicine Innovation Platforms.

Fast facts

UK scientists are developing:

  • an ‘artificial pancreas’ that could help address a common diabetes complication
  • a new urine test to diagnose early stage prostate cancer more reliably
  • the ‘i-snake’, a remote-controlled robotic device that aims to transform keyhole surgery

Emerging Medical Technologies are medical technology products that can diagnose, treat and manage disease and injury, and improve quality of life. The range of types of products is huge - from cardiovascular implants, joint replacements and wound care technology, to insulin monitors, diagnostic tests and full body scanners, to name just a few.

Medical Devices and Diagnostics in the UK – are well placed to address unmet medical need, not least from the demographic pressures of the UK’s ageing population, an increase in chronic diseases, and greater consumer expectations of healthcare.

There are over 3,000 companies in the UK Medical Devices and Diagnostics sector, with a turnover of over £13 billion and employing 55,000 people.

The HealthTech and Medicines KTN team has significant experience and expertise in Medical Devices and Diagnostics. Many of the team were involved in the former Health Technologies KTN, which merged with bioProcessUK in 2010 to form the HealthTech and Medicines KTN.

Our focus is on supporting the development and growth of the Medical Devices and Diagnostics sector through a range of activities aimed at championing knowledge transfer for technology innovation.

The KTN’s Emerging Medical Technologies Priority Area covers a wide range of expertise, from dental implant technology to molecular diagnostics.

Visit our Official Groups section to see the KTN’s range of technically focussed interest groups, including Cardiovascular Devices, Orthopaedics, and Medical Devices Clinical Studies.

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