How is the KTN supporting the sector?

Since the inception of bioProcessUK, the KTN has had an active role in supporting the growth and development of the MedBio sector in the UK with an emphasis on bioprocessing and manufacturing. Aligned with the 2013 Roadmap, the Group's activities focus on biopharmaceutical formulation, biopharmaceutical analytics, biomanufacturing innovation, ATMPs and novel therapies. We work with the Catapult Network in particular the HVM Catapult's National Biologics Manufacuring Centre and the Cell Therapy Catapult. Having delivered the Annual bioprocess UK conference for a decade, the KTN supports the growth of this event by the BIA. We are a partner in MMIP. Through a mixture of newsflow, community build events, direct funding application support and engagement with stakeholders and funders, we work to ensure that this sector can maximise the opportunities for its growth through public sector initiatives and pre-competitive industry collaboration.

In the coming year, KTN hot topics

  • Planning for Next Generation Products eg ADC's

  • Formulation Innovation

  • Rapid Testing and Analytics

  • Supply Chain Management

  • QbD

  • Modular Bioprocessing Facilities

  • Better Utilisation of Current Assets and Capacity

  • Skills and Training
    Outsourcing / Virtual Models

  • Precision Medicines – how to respond to small batches with short turnaround times and reduced inventory


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