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New Funding Opportunity for Conventional Fuels

Cleaner, more efficient conventional fuels  

Innovate UK, in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network will be hosting a series of events across the UK to discuss the forthcoming competition ‘Cleaner, more efficient conventional fuels’.


Fossil fuels provide some 70% of the UK’s electricity as well as much of our domestic heating and other uses of energy. More efficient and sustainable use of fossil fuels is an essential part of our transition towards low carbon energy generation. This is driven by the need for energy security and affordability and to meet CO2 targets.

There are now many more operators in the North Sea than previously. Along with the companies in their extensive supply chains, they often lack the scale to support large in-house R&D departments. However, the need for innovation in
the North Sea has never been greater.

Carbon abatement technologies in general, and carbon capture and storage (CCS)
in particular, have an essential role in the continuing use of fossil fuels in power generation and in vital energy-intensive industries.

What is the opportunity?

Innovate UK are to invest up to £5m in collaborative R&D projects (with a proportion available for relevant feasibility studies) to improve efficiency, reduce cost and minimise the environmental impact of coal, natural gas and oil through their competition ‘Cleaner, more efficient conventional fuels’.

Projects should seek to address one or more of the following themes;

  • oil and gas field efficiency, management and decommissioning
  • advanced fossil-fuel process technologies and product innovation in power generation and energy-intensive industries
  • fuel switching with lower-carbon substitutes
  • carbon capture and storage in power generation and energy-intensive industries.

We are particularly keen to support projects that build on an existing competitive advantage for the UK, for example in high-value manufacturing, ICT, sensors and electronics, and materials technologies.

The briefing events will include;

  • an opportunity to hear about the scope of the competition in more detail
  • an opportunity to network and develop partnerships for the competition

For more information on the competition please go to: 
Innovate UK Conventional Fuels Competition Page - Feasibility Studies
Innovate UK Conventional Fuels Competition Page - Collaborative R & D

Who should attend?

This event will benefit businesses, academics and researchers in the following sectors; Oil and Gas, Power generation, Energy intensive process industries, Carbon capture and storage.

To register for the briefing events click on the links below;

11th February 2015 – Manchester

18th February 2015 – Aberdeen

For more details contact Jenni McDonnell,




1 person has had something to say so far

Hi Jenni,
As a retired electrical engineer with some 25 years in oil & gas both offshore and onshore, and a long experience of solving practical problems in many process industries as well as oil and gas I see many opportunities and ideas for innovation.
So I find it mystifying as to why all these proposals and "cutting edge" initiatives and competitions have never produced results. The innovative ideas are certainly there to be investigated but the engineers with qualifications, experience and practical knowledge and skills are not, with the result that these gatherings are just big PR exercises with money been wasted either duplicating existing research are missing the fundamentals of the problem.

I have tried over many years with many different partners to have proven solutions developed but it doesn't work, either through universities, via ITF or directly to the major oil companies. Even when I was senior design engineer for one of the biggest producers, and with the support of the head of R&D it was impossible to get funding from the top management even to perform a few tests.
Posted on 14/01/15 12:38.

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