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ITF Call for Proposals - Unconventional Oil Reservoirs

This is an open invitation to any organisation, from any sector, seeking partners and funding for innovative technologies in the oil and gas industry to submit high quality proposals for research, development and / field trial of potential solutions that will help with the economic development and effective management of Unconventional Oil Reservoirs.


Specific areas of interest:

  • Unconventional Reservoir Simulator
  • Upscaling
  • Optimised Hydraulic Fracturing (Economics)
  • Reservoir Surveillance
  • In-situ Stress Measurement (& Downhole Pressure Sensing)
  • Rock & Fluid Physics
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Tracking (Understanding Production Mechanisms)
  • Early Production Forecasting


ITF members, major operating and service companies in the oil and gas sector, met at an international ITF Technology Challenge Workshop (TCW) and explicitly identified the current shared challenges they are facing across the industry relating to unconventional oil reservoirs and associated technology implementations.


Who Should Respond:

The invitation is open to all relevant industry sectors and all credible entities from small and medium sized enterprises, to academic and research institutions, to large industry players alike.  


Benefits of Participation:

  • Funding: up to 100% funding for any stage of the research, development and demonstration cycle
  • IP Protection: a proven confidential, collaborative and standard contractual process
  • Exposure and validated applications for your scientific and technological expertise
  • Access to the key global players in the oil and gas sector

How to Participate:

Your contact points and outline method for submitting a proposal are provided in the Call for Proposals and How to Submit a Proposal links below.


Unconvetional Oil Reservoirs Call       

How to Submit a Proposal


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