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NERC Exploitation in Challenging Environments Event

On the 17th October 2014 the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Network held a workshop in London to support the new NERC innovation programme which will fund the translation of existing academic research into innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry. 

The event began with presentations from NERC on their innovation programme and other funding mechanisms which support the oil and gas sector followed by an academic overview (Angus Best, NOC) and an industry overview (Nick Steel, BG Group) of the different challenging environments impacting the hydrocarbon sector. The presentations can be viewed at the links below.

1. NERC Oil and Gas Strategy - Prof Dave Tappin, NERC

2. An introduction to challenging environments - Dr Angus Best, NOC

Following the presentations academics were given the opportunity to pitch their existing research and hw it could be applied to the sector. The links below are the academic pitches by theme;


1. Ray Bell, University of Reading

2. John Howell, University of Aberdeen

3. Nicky White, University of Cambridge

4. Dayton Dove, British Geological Survey

5. Yevgeny Aksenov, National Oceanography Centre

6. Michael Clare, National Oceanography Centre

7. Jeremy Wilkinson, British Antarctic Survey

8. Sally Morgan, University of Leicester


Pre salt, Pre basalt imaging

1. Nick Schofield, University of Aberdeen

2. Frank Peel, National Oceanography Centre

3. Rachael Spraggs, University of Leeds

4. Chris jackson, Imperial College London

5. Karen Weitemeyer, University of Southampton

6. Nicky White, University of Cambridge


Deep water

1. Mads Huuse, University of Manchester

2. Mattieu Cartigny, National Oceanography Centre

3. Rachael Spraggs, University of Leeds

4. Rob Butler, University of Aberdeen

5. Jenny Collier, Imperial College London

6. Nicky White, University of Cambridge

7. Murray Roberts, Heriot Watt University

8. Michelle Taylor, University of Oxford

9. Rosemary Edwards, National Oceanography Centre

10. Dayton Dove, British Geological Survey



1. Laurence North, National Oceanography Centre

2. Rachael Spraggs, University of Leeds

3. David Healy, University of Aberdeen

4. Sheena MacKensie, University of Strathclyde



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