The Packaging Materials activities within the Materials Community are aimed at providing technology support to UK packaging producers and users to meet the challenges they face through ever increasing demands of legislation and consumer sophistication.

The packaging community served by the Materials Community is made up of a network of companies, other organisations and individuals delivering materials and services to the production of packaging, the production itself, the use of the packaging in packaging processes and the delivery of the final packaged product to the consumer by appropriate brand owners, retail channels and delivery companies.

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Wed 25 Nov 2015

The Manufacturer Live Events - the biggest events in UK Manufacturing

All Day

On 25-26th November, The Manufacturer presents its UK manufacturing flagship events. THE MANUFACTURER'S ANNUAL LEADERS CONFERENCE (TMALC) 25–26 November 2015 The ICC, Birmingham Bringing together...

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Thu 26 Nov 2015

Generate Novel Functional Materials Using Synthetic Biology for Defence

All Day

“Synthetic Biology Approaches To Generate Novel Functional Materials To Address Defence Challenges” A Project Development Workshop to bring about collaborative projects. The Defence Science and...

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Tue 01 Dec 2015

Predictive Multiscale Materials Modelling - Turing Gateway Event

All Day

Background The multiscale/multiphysics nature of materials gives rise to extremely challenging and unique mathematical and algorithmic problems currently prohibiting uncertainty quantification and...

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