Bottom-up (non-thematic) funding opportunities

  • Innovation Vouchers - A grant of up to £5000 is available to businesses to work with a supplier for the first time and is used to pay for knowledge or technology transfer from that supplier.
  • SMART awards - Funding to assess the commercial viability of innovation projects in high growth potential SMEs.  There are three types of grant: Proof of concept, proof of market or development of prototype
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships - Grants to allow businesses to work in partnership with universities.

European funding and activities on Raw Materials explained

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Funding Articles

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TSB funded projects: Design Challenges towards a Circular Economy

By Catherine Joce

The Materials Security Special Interest Group has been informing and supporting a series of high-profile Technology Strategy Board (TSB) competitions with the theme of the circular/sustainable economies. We have been assisting in developing the competition briefs, running events featuring exemplar speakers, and providing direct assistance to potential applicants - helping them find partners and reviewing their applications before submission. The competitions have funded projects with a total value of several millions of pounds; an investment that should manifest significant returns over time as the economic and environmental benefits of improved material management are realised.

Results of the summer's "Design Challenges for a Circular Economy" competition have now been published.  To read more about the funded projects, click here.