The Global market demand for autonomous underwater systems has been predicted as $2.3bn (£1.4bn) over the period 2010-2019, with significant upside potential.  The Maritime Industries Leadership Council (MILC), is developing a vision and plan for development of these systems based on Government and industry collaborative investment greater than the sum of individual investments and creating an important market lead for the UK. Two workshops have been held to date supporting the development of the Vision, material from which is available in the documents tab.

The current focus on MAS is to gain Government funding for a rolling collaborative development programme, which will raise awareness, and solve technical, practical, legal and social challenges.  Delivering from 2014 onwards, the program will be jointly funded by industry and Government in a number of models, to allow inclusion across the range of UK enterprise.  Initial activity will be focussed on collaborative R&D completion (with matched funding) to generate interest and develop key technologies, but sustained activity to progress non-technical aspects will be key to generating a world-leading reputation.

Initial invitees include those from the Naval and Marine Science sectors identified by the Marine Industries Alliance, RAS SIG and Transport Community.  Anyone else with an interest in this area is invited to join the discussion.

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