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A little more about Agnieszka...

I am currently a research associate in Imperial College London, working on the development of solid-state nanopores for enhanced detection of biomolecules (DNA, proteins). The project focusses on the use of advanced electrochemical techniques combined with high resolution current recording and nanofabrication processes.


During my Ph.D. I developed protocols for the CVD growth of horizontally aligned carbon nanotube electrodes with applications in analytical chemistry and spectroelectrochemistry.


Research Expertise: 

- Nano- and microfabrication of biosensors and solid-state nanopores.

- Growth optimisation of carbon nanotubes and other 1D nanostructures

- Electrochemistry at the nano-scale: charge transfer, electrochemical deposition of metals.

- Nanometrology: AFM, STM, SEM, FIB, Raman spectroscopy, XRD- Confocal microscopy


Professional skills:

- Project management

- Team management/leadership

- Communication skills

- Event organisation