Local Authority Solutions for Integrated Transport

In August 2015 Innovate UK announced that four projects are to be funded as a result of succesaful applications to the Integrated transport local authority solutions competition.


Total available funding for this competition was £9.4million from Innovate UK.


Project lead organisation

Project title

Proposed project costs

Proposed project grant

Esoterix Systems Ltd

Mobility On-Demand Laboratory Environment (MODLE)



Inter Digital Europe Ltd

One Transport: A one M2M- based Open Ecosystem for Nationwide Transport Integration



Telefónica UK Ltd

The Smarter Travel Solution



TravelAi Ltd

CATCH! Citizens at the City's Heart




Further details of these projects are summarised in the blog post: Innovate UK publishes list of trials to be supported for the Integrated Transport Local Authority Solutions competition.



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Innovate UK is investing up to £9m in a competition to find collaborative R&D projects to deliver accessible, cost-effective and easy-to-use transport services. This group provides networking opportunities and news centred on this competition.

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