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Metallic foams for lightweighting

Free seminar to understand the possibilities of metallic foams

A few places are still available to attend this free seminar at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry on the 12th December to find out about:

  • developments in markets and technologies for functional metallic foams
  • UK capabilities and opportunities in this technology
  • examples of use of this technology in heat transfer, blast protection, electrochemistry and lightweighting
  • funding opportunities 

This event is being run by the Materials KTN, HVM Catapult and MTC, with support from ESP and Transport KTNs.

Final  agenda

09.30 Registration

10.00 Welcome, RobinYoung, Materials KTN

10.10 Welcome, David Wimpenny, The MTC

10.30 Copper Foams for Heat Transfer, Neill Ricketts, Versarien Ltd

10.50 Nanoporous Nickel on metal foams for supercapacitor energy storage,  John Low,  Univeristy of Southampton


Coffee and Networking

12.00 Ultralightweight foams for space, Mark Smith, Magna Parva Ltd

12:20 Engineering the Structure: Fibre Core Materials, Lee Marston, Fibre Tech Ltd

12:40 Heirarchical Structures for sustainability, Julian Spence, University of Wolverhampton

13:00 Design and build of structures by EB deposition, Iain Todd, University of Sheffield

Lunch and Networking

14.00 Structure Property Relationships, Andrew Kennedy, Nottingham University

14.20 Using the Surface in Open Cell Foams: Sponge Metals Research at Sheffield University, Russell Goodall, Sheffield University

14:40 Perspectives from Germany, Peter Quadbeck, IFAM

15:00 The way ahead, Robin Young, Materials KTN

15:20 Tour of the MTC


There is much here that is of interest to the transport industry, not least the lightweighting properties of using foams but also including copper foams for thermal management (Versarien), impact absorption (FibreTech)  and energy storage applications (University of Southampton).

To register for your free place, or to find out about exhibiting at this event, please contact Robin Young





3 people have had something to say so far

Just a note that I am at the University of Wolverhampton, not Sheffield

Posted on 08/11/12 22:22.
Thanks Julian - this has been duly updated, and I've let Robin Young know to update his publicity (which is what I filtched this article from!)
Posted on 09/11/12 09:08 in reply to Julian Spence.
Late registration is still possible - please contact
Posted on 11/12/12 11:00.

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