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What is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership? brings the expertise of the UK knowledge base into business to help stimulate growth, increase profits and develop new products and services.

  • KTP projects are part funded by the Technology Strategy Board.
  • Latest information shows that on average, a KTP can generate an increase of over £220,000 in annual profits before tax, three genuine new jobs, and an increase in skills of existing staff.
  • KTP is a dynamic two to three year partnership that combines specialist academic expertise, and a highly skilled graduate together with a business to create lasting innovation.
  • There are currently over 1,000 KTP projects running at Universities across England.

Shorter-term KTP opportunities exist:

  • Mini KTPs operate in the same way as classic KTP projects, but are shorter, lasting anywhere from three to nine months.
  • The Knowledge Catalyst Scheme, funded by the AHRC offer Knowledge Transfer projects lasting between 3 and 15 months.

KTP Case Studies

Please visit our Case Studies section for examples of how others have benfited from KTP projects.

If you would like to submit a KTP Case Study, please contact

Local KTP Advisors  

KTP Advisers have a broad range of industrial experience and are regionally based. The advisers are on hand to help with the preparation of proposals and then throughout the life cycle of each partnership to monitor progress and ensure that all the partners achieve their goals.

If you would like to contact a KTP Adviser from your region please use the links below.
England / Wales / Scotland / Northern Ireland


KTP Brochure




Momenta, KTP Online

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