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KnowNow  are the go-to data experts for the smartest cities, growth companies and startups. We dazzle our customers through innovation and  speed of execution.   Through the improved use of data, KnowNow create innovative data products that improve citizens lives whilst helping our customers identify their own 'eureka' moments.

KnowNow provide Smart City consultancy to cities all around the world based on designing interoperable systems and focusing on cost effective service delivery. We are currently working on a new-build district in South East Asia. 

Consentua is an example of a KnowNow Innovation.   Consentua helps companies manage the personal data of their customers, by providing an independent audit point for the consent to use this personal data.   In 2016 KnowNow won an InnovateUK competition to provide the Consentua service for the Sharing Economy UK.    

In 2014 KnowNow won an Open Data prize sponsored by the Open Data Institute and the Science and Technology Facilities Council that led to the development of the Flood Event Model that predicts where emergency resources should be deployed during extreme weather. 

In 2015 KnowNow attended the Cognicity Challenge at Canary Wharf, London and developed KnowNow Trust, a micro service for application developers to enable trusted sharing of personal information between users and applications. 

KnowNow are technology agnostic, but do use certain technology services from a variety of providers:  Such IBM & Microsoft.  In particular, KnowNow are experts in using IBM Bluemix and Watson API's for rapid software development.