Important Features of Responsive Web Design

In this modern era, many new devices are available in the market such as laptops, mobile phones, tablet PCs, and smart televisions. In this context, the term responsive web design is given to the idea of developing and designing such website which works on any device by changing its layout automatically, which was coined by Ethan Marcotte. A well planned Responsive web design gives users, a very smooth and optimized experience on the device they have in their hands. Hence it is important for the web designers and UI/UX designers to work on the responsive web design to create a user-friendly and SEO optimized website.

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How much does it Cost & Time to Develop Popular Mobile App Clone

Mobile application development industry in the last seven years has multiplied in leaps and bounds, changing the way businesses function worldwide. Most prospective customers often ask how much does it cost to build a mobile app. With a whole new app landscape, it is worth addressing the epic question. Every mobile application development company would charge a different amount to build a technological clone of popular apps. Most of these fast-growing mobile application development companies offer idea-driven apps for top-notch companies. Mobile apps have become so important that every organization needs mobile application development solutions for their respective business to keep up with the market.

Creating the app may just be the tip of the iceberg, or better yet, the first step of a long journey. Stats show that apps built by the largest app companies, the “big boys” cost anything between $500,000 and $1,000,000. Because there are so many different variables, the price of a mobile app could vary drastically. According to a VDC Research survey, on average companies require more than 6 months to develop and to deploy a single mobile application and spend an average of $140,000. Gartner predicts that in 2017, the market demands for mobile application development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organization capacity to deliver them. Actually, Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for smartphones.

Node.js Becomes Popular. Know the Key Benefits

Node.JS is a server side JavaScript Platform and is used for building fast, scalable network applications. Recently Node.JS development has caught the attention of several software development companies worldwide because it uses a very strong Java-based framework built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. The Node.js platform offers robust features that are designed to create real-time, multi-user, interactive, and collaborative web apps and enterprise apps that support multiple operating systems and network connections. The IoT phenomenon is also resorting to this platform for embedded devices and robotics like Cylon and Nodebots. The versatile Node.js development team, provide completely transparent solutions to their clients, delivering scalable and flexible Node.js development projects.


Most efficient companies help business with agile, robust, scalable and cost-effective Node.JS development services. Several Node.JS development companies have a dedicated developer team at affordable prices. Most of these Node.JS development company offer development services at competitive prices. These companies provide Node.JS development solutions to meet the customized requirement of the clients. Node.JS development companies provide real-time application making use of the latest trends and technologies. Node.js development is being highly preferred in data intensive and real-time applications like games, and chat engines. Node.js development has allowed developers to build function rich, performance-optimized applications with speed and efficiency. One also has the option to hire developers for Node.JS development for customized development.


Node.JS brings revolution in App development

Node.js is a runtime system for creating mostly server-side applications. Not just that Node.js is open source and free of cost, it offers great scalability and agility which allows reuse of the codes, which reduces labor costs to a greater extent allowing rapid application development. In this era of mobile apps, companies need such platforms like Node.js that can cater to the fast-paced demand and launch apps in less time-to-market. Node.JS development is providing a perfect methodology for the software engineers as it is used for the development of real-time apps.


Why choose Node.JS over Java for Enterprise Development?

Since JavaScript is a language that most developers know or have used at some point in time, the transition from another web technology to Node.js is a breeze. This makes it a preferred choice among web developers. The Node.JS development services include the Node.JS API development, Ajax development, cross-platform app development, and much more. Thus, Node.JS is being chosen as a tool for modernizing enterprise software development. Due to the strengths that Node.js offers, enterprises are able to create the apps that are incurring low costs and high performance, lessening headaches of developers.


Node.JS is more than Websites

Node.js isn't just a web stack – it is a technology coming into its own in many different aspects. It is used for collection of projects that use Node.js for server monitoring, for media streaming, for remote control, for desktop and mobile apps – in other ways that do not confine to the usual role of Web Server. But Node.js is not a JavaScript framework; indeed, several authors have written excellent frameworks specifically for Node.js, including Express.js, Restify.js, and Hapi.js. So what exactly is this phenomenon finding its way into Web applications, operating systems wrappers, microcontrollers, and robots? Node.js is emerging as a universal platform used for web applications, IoT, and enterprise. Under Node.JS development, the applications that are delivered are interactive, user-friendly, responsive web and mobile apps and provides amazing UI/UX developed features. The Node.js development platform has a lightweight runtime and enables speedy development and deployment of applications. Node.JS development frameworks can help to streamline building of fast websites, rich APIs, and real-time apps.


The Benefits of using Node.js for any Custom Business Application Project

Discussed below are few reasons why you should use Node.js.

1 The Fast Suit - Companies are in awe of the speed at which Node.js functions. It runs on the V8 engine developed by Google that uses JavaScript into native machine code and operates at a super speed. It uses a single thread, that is, the event loop that takes care of all the asynchronous I/O operations. Enterprises have benefited majorly with this feature, for example, LinkedIn opted for Node.js from Ruby on Rails for the purpose of their mobile traffic and that reduced the number of servers from 30 to 3.

2 High Performance – PayPal uses Node.js, and has reported doubling the number of requests-per-second and reducing the response time by 35%. On the other hand, WalMart, the retail giant had a superb experience with Node.js in 2013, when they put all their mobile-based traffic via Node.js on Black Friday, the busiest shopping time of the year. Amazingly, on Black Friday, WalMart servers did not go over a mere 1% CPU utilization and yet they deploy with 200,000,000 users online. LinkedIn, the global networking site, moved from Ruby to Node to handle their mobile traffic and reduced the number of servers to 30 to 3, i.e. almost 90% reduction. All these figures clearly indicate performance capability of Node.js.

3 Single Language for All Layers - Another key benefit of Node.js is language re-use. Other web technologies like ASP.NET require developers to have knowledge in another language to write code on the server-side, be it VB.NET, Java, or C#. This means all functions necessarily include two languages – one on the client-side and the other on server-side. On the contrary, Node.js uses only the JavaScript for the client and server side. Thus, web developers have to interact only in a single language across all layers making Node.JS development easy. Adding to it, this can be reused over and over again for future communications, thus Node.JS development environment very popular.

4 Is JavaScript everywhere - One of the biggest reasons why Node.JS is so popular is because it uses JavaScript as its main language to build web applications. And to be honest, JavaScript is now the only choice to develop web applications in the browser. With Node.JS, JavaScript has literally revolutionized on the server. The language is common to most web developers and is certainly driving the world today.

5 It Scales - Developers can scale the Node.JS application by using two ways – Horizontal Scaling and Vertical Scaling, which helps you to improve your application performance. In Horizontal scaling, you can add more nodes to the existing system. In Vertical scaling, you can add more resources to a single node. Node.JS development is considered as the best option to develop scalable and robust applications within the given time and in an affordable budget. The high-scalability of Node.js lets you spend less on infrastructure.



As one can see above, there are lots of benefits that come into play once you decide to adopt Node.JS development framework. Node.JS development framework has proved its worth as a reliable technology partner for other software architectures. Node.JS is tending at the moment. It has huge possibilities that developers can leverage to build highly robust and scalable web applications. Today there are several companies which provide Node.JS development services, deliver quality products within the projected timeline and within budget. The array of functionalities gives Node.js an edge over its competitors and keeps users satisfied during their projects. That being said, Node.js stands out from competing technologies because it possesses multiple unique characteristics, including its fit within modern app development and the sheer size of its open source community and available libraries. These characteristics seem game changer as opposed to a fad - Node.js is certainly promising in the development of the web and mobile applications, especially the real-time web applications. With all of its advantages, Node.js now plays a critical role in the technology stack of many high-profile companies who depend on its unique benefits.

Keep These in Mind before Using Swift for Development or You Will Regret!

Swift is a simpler language and may take you less time to learn than Objective-C. The entire lines of code in Objective-C can be replaced by adding a single line of code in Swift and hence it is popular among the iOS open source community. 

iOS developers should have an introduction to Swift programming which should include knowledge of the syntax, object oriented principals, memory management and functional concept before jumping into the language. It’s important to think about why you are building your app and consider the various important factors like maintainability and ease of learning the language. But Swift is a significant improvement over Objective-C in many respects.

Read further to find out the thinks that iOS developers should keep in mind while developing for Swift.

Myths about Android App Development Agencies

Soon there will be 3 million apps on the Google Play Store. If you are planning to launch an app recently, you have a lot of competition to face. Developing a successful Android app is not easy. According to data only a minor percentage of Android app developers make money from their products.


The problem here is that being a relatively fresh field, mobile app development is still surrounded with a lot of misinformation, pre-conceived notions and unnecessary stereotypes, which might not be true. Android App development companies need to keep the client’s requirements in mind and stay away from these misleading misconceptions.


Read further to find out the major myths and misconceptions about Android development companies.

Challenges While Developing for iPhone

Mobile development is an amazing area to be involved in today's market. The world has moved from feature-phones to smartphones and tablet computing. There are devices for all shapes, sizes, and brands. There are iOS apps for just everything and hence all this capability brings with it numerous challenges. Similar to any other software development activity, even iPhone app development has its own set of issues and challenges. Here are some of the common, yet serious challenges faced by app developers and how they can be resolved.

  1. Creating an app that gets noticed: The first and foremost challenge of an iOS app developer is to design an app that serves a purpose. Only a focus-oriented app can stand long and prove its potential.
  2. iOS Application Compatibility - Different Apple products, including iPhone and iPad are available in the market and it is essential that every developed iOS application is compatible with all the Apple products. Hence it is essential to test the iOS application on various devices.
  3. App Store Approval: Developing for iPhone should conform to all the listed rules and regulations as mentioned in the Apple App Store guidelines - so that the app gets approved in the App Store easily.
  4. App Performance: App performance could be slow because of the structure of the app itself, slow network connection or minor program glitches.
  5. User Interface: Hence it is challenging task for iOS app developers to use the screen space optimally and create an attractive user interface.
  6. App Security: Setting up the desired level of security features can be challenging for iOS app developers at times while developing for iPhone devices.
  7. Beta Users testing: This is the best way for an application to be known and accepted amongst the consumers - is by allowing the test to be done through Beta users. These users would be able to help you identify the defects thus making developing for iPhone easier.

It is mostly in the hands of the iOS app developer whether to defeat the challenges and to move towards success path or to follow the old custom development approach. In order to survive as a programmer, iOS app developers should be passionate problem solvers, and then no matter how many odds are stacked against them, they will emerge a winner. There are several challenges faced by the mobile app developer while developing a powerful and efficient app. Apart from the development challenges, it is important that the mobile app developer should have adequate knowledge and experience in app development to provide the right solution.

How to Pick iPad Developers for your Business

The iPad has revolutionized enterprise mobility with advanced and innovative features. The user-friendly iPad devices offer a great platform for various iPad apps. The most important reason for the popularity of these apps is that iPhone apps provide an environment that promotes user engagement. With an ever increasing demand for iPad, iPad app development came into the focus of mobile app developers across the globe. These iPad apps, many of them mission critical ones are being used by thousands of people daily across the globe.


Top iPad developers have a certain standard of quality, which ensure the effectiveness of their service. These standards of quality combine a set of tools, methods, and techniques used to achieve stability in the project. Today’s iPad developers develop innovative features and integrate then with third party systems to meet client’s specific business requirement. Hiring iPad app developer is employing the best-qualified candidate for your mobile app development project. When you are hiring iPad app developers, it is important you get the best person for the job.


Hiring iPad app developer is a complex process. If one is not sure what you need or where to start, then this article below will surely help you out. When you are hiring iPad app developers, it is important you get the best person for the job. Hire iPad app developer from leading app development companies, as they have years of experience in this area. Here are few reasons and essential tips to pick iPad app developers who can help enterprises in building the best app development team.


  1. Look for the expert iPad developer - In order to hire iPad app developers, the foremost thing to look at is their experience. Creating a fully customized and personalized app is a very tricky task, which needs to be done professionally and can only be done by experienced iPad developers.
  2. Versatility - Hence prior to hiring iPad app developer, make sure he holds the competency to develop all kinds of applications. Simply look for ones who are versatile, since they can build diverse applications as per your business requirements.
  3. Eagerness for your iPad app development - When the iPad developer shows the eagerness to develop, it displays how serious he is about the app development process.
  4. Know the past projects of the iPad developer - Understanding the past projects of the iPad developer help to understand their approach and the quality of the app.
  5. iPad Developer’s innovative approach - One should hire iPad app developers that not only understand the business needs but also provide valuable suggestion to improvise the app design and the user experience of the app with innovative ideas. The innovative approach of the iPad developer is a key factor in building a successful mobile app.
  6. Hire from a well-established organization - Working with a reputed organization is the most cost-effective and safest way for app development.
  7. Contact the previous clients - Contacting the former clients of the iPad developer, can help in shedding some light on the past apps developed.


The above-mentioned points can assist in providing a clear picture of the quality and experience acquired by the iPad developer to accomplish the project. Experienced iPad developers with potential skills can be considered as a great asset for the mobile app development company. Without a doubt, picking your developer can be the most overwhelming and difficult part of the project. That is because it is not about the cost, it is about the quality. Hence take some time to research and talk with developers before deciding whom to work with.

Keyideas Infotech: What Makes Us the Best iPhone App Development Company in New York

Mobile apps are becoming a necessary business tool. Businesses big or small need to capture bigger markets and generate revenue. A mobile app is a simple, cost-effective and smart way to achieve this. It must be kept in the mind that iPhone is quite dynamic in nature and thus it is important enough to stay tuned with the latest trends and technology. Today iPhone application development companies like Keyideas Infotech in New York, offer comprehensive solutions to cater to your unique business requirement. A sleek looking mobile app can help you take the customer engagement to the next level. Keyideas Infotech is a talented iPhone app development company in New York is known for building high performance and scalable mobile apps. Below are few key characteristics for a good iPhone app development company.

  1. Simple mobile app: Starting with the very basic and needful feathers and gradually updating it with other characteristics makes the mobile app more user-friendly.
  2. User-friendly iPhone apps: The best mobile apps developed by iPhone application development company should be presented in such a colorful and enticing way that it is actually easy to install, use and access.
  3. Proven track records: A great mobile app partner should have a history of - working successfully with various types of integration technologies, infrastructure platforms, and companies.
  4. Ability to evolve: Upgradability with time and development is a key characteristic of a good tool. An iPhone application development company should ensure that you always stay upgraded.
  5. Quick Turnaround: In this changing world, app development companies need the flexibility to support rapid development and changing plans.
  6. Strategic focus: Look for iPhone application development companies who treat mobile applications like any serious business investment.
  7. Collaborative cultures: A collaborative interaction between your company and the iPhone app development company is far more likely to produce satisfactory results.
  8. User-centric designs: An intuitive, user-friendly design is essential to successful mobile applications - whether these tools are internal or customer-facing tools.
  9. Customized needs: The iPhone app developers of the iPhone app development companies are fully aware of the needs of the customer’s choices and this way they can actually find the customized needs of the customers in the long run.
  10. Provide suggestions: A good mobile app development company will not only build your app but will also give suggestions on how to make your app better.

iPhone application development companies are playing big in the global market today. The reason is the skyrocketing popularity and ever increasing usage of such iPhone apps. In today’s market, these iPhone application development companies add values in more ways than just development, which will help enterprises, maximize revenues for their app business and secure a future for them.


6 Tips to Hire a Dedicated Developer in New York

The evolving market trends and tough competition has challenged businesses to design and develop excellence through their services and products. Thus for an exceptional mobile app, companies have to hire dedicated programmers to transform viewers into potential customers. Hire dedicated developers who are skilled and proficient enough to provide you a complete solution – from creating a perspective prototype to developing clean code to deploying or maintaining your solution with great competency. Without the hassle of freelancers, you can have peace of mind by hiring a dedicated developer at a reasonable price - customized to your requirements.

When you want to save your precious time and prevent pilferage of resources, you need to follow few tips for hiring dedicated developers for your app project from a reliable app development company.

  1. High-end Security: When you hire dedicated developers from an app development company in New York, they take the responsibility of security - your project and data are highly secured.
  2. Professionalism: Hiring dedicated developers from a mobile app development company gives you the ability to bring in an expert for your app project. A mobile app development company will have a team of intellectual and tech-savvy developers, who are experts in their domains.
  3. Direct access to resources: Hire app developers from an app development company. This allows you to be in direct contact with your resources and have a full control over them.
  4. Let’s you stay focused: Hire dedicated developer from an app development company, gives you enough time to stay focused on other things - plan a strategy for your mobile app business, app promoting and launching.
  5. Keep an eye on your Project: Most mobile app development company in New York give access to the work progress, daily activity and project charter of the app developer to their client who is dedicatedly working on the project.
  6. Robust Client Support: An app development company will have a dedicated team for custom support who will answer all your queries and address any complaints that you might have.

The teams of hired dedicated developers are backed with numerous years of experience, latest technology skills, industry know-how and can solve the most complex business problems across all platforms. Hiring dedicated developer services are highly preferred by companies as it is the most convenient option for getting a feature-rich mobile app – it relieves them from the hassle of infrastructure development and employing in-house developers. This is because it is considered to be the most transparent and convenient option, for most of the clients.


Growth of the iPhone

The iPhone was truly a magical and revolutionary product - which was five years ahead, of all mobile phones of that generation. History began in 2005 itself when Steve Jobs told his employees, to investigate about touchscreens. The original iPhone was made of aluminum with a black plastic back. Time changed and so did the idea of pocket computer – from iPhone 2G to iPhone 5 to the latest member of the family is iPhone 7.


iPhone 2G - It all started in 2007. The first ever iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs in January 2007. The iPhone brought about a major change in the world of smartphones. Mobile web was integrated so effectively in a mobile handset that for the first time, users were able to come online at any time of the day. Developing for iPhone - was picking up speed, as the mobile app development industry saw great potential for growth.


iPhone 3G - In 2008, iPhone 3G was released by Apple in more than 20 countries. Developing for iPhone had become so popular by then, that more than 3000 apps were available in the App Store.


iPhone 3GS - In 2009, iPhone 3GS was launched - which boasted of twice the iPhone speed and was a cheaper model. Developing for iPhone had resulted in the growth of the App Store to feature 50,000 apps.


iPhone 4 - Next came iPhone 4 in 2010, which had all-new-design, all-new-camera, and all-new-screen resolution. The phone was given a better camera and a secondary camera for video calling. Since 2007, Apple has reduced the cost of its devices many times.


iPhone 4S - Launched in 2011, the iPhone 4S plus iOS 5 plus iCloud was a breakthrough combination


iPhone 5 - In 2012, Apple announced the iPhone 5, but it also launched iOS 6 with it. They sold 5 million the first weekend – the demand for iPhone 5 had been incredible. The iPhone 5 had a completely new design, with the iconic Home button. Many iPhone app developers were patiently waiting for the release of the iPhone 5, as they were expecting the demand for mobile apps to grow incredibly.


iPhone 5c & 5s – Launched in 2013, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, had the fastest performance than ever. It was slimmer and lighter than any other iPhones, with the latest technology. The iPhone 5c was more colorful and was available in five colors. The iPhone 5s was the most forward-thinking smartphone with the Touch ID feature. Developing for iPhone 5c was in no way different.


iPhone 6 & 6s – The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was launched in 2014. Both devices had a large screen than its predecessor. With this new feature, iPhone 6 enabled enterprises to reach a wider audience – which was possible as developing for iPhone, helped to address their business requirements.


iPhone 7/ 7 Plus The iPhone 7 was launched in 2016. Some of the major features which iPhone app developers can take advantage of - with iOS 10, is the power of Siri, Apple AI based assistant, and it’s Map.


The growing need of iPhone was primarily because of its stylish and gorgeous look. The iPhone handsets give users an expensive and premium feel. The quality of the apps on iOS which powers iPhone, remain unmatched. The iPhone had access to most polished apps, even if most of them cost a dollar or two. Whenever there is a launch of a new app, people download it ASAP, from the Apple App Store. The camera on iPhone is fantastic. These are the reasons that have made mobile app development so popular. Why do you need a mobile app? Are you trying to reach a possible audience? The smartphones today are used for various purposes and this has shaped the demand for mobile app development for the past few years. Steve Jobs rightly said in 2007 - Apple is going to reinvent the phone. Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized smartphones and shaped the industry into what it is today.

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