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Why Are Towing Services Important?

One minute you’re speeding by the highway and in the next, you’re by the roadside with your car broken down. It’s happens and it’s not uncommon. In fact, New Jersey alone experienced a total of 256,482 motor vehicle accidents in 2016. So, what should you do next?

Some people would resort to asking other drivers for assistance. This, however, is no longer advisable nor, in the case for some areas, legal. Often times, though well meaning, dealing with the situation yourself would not only jeopardize you but the assisting driver as well. Your safest bet would be to call for professional towing services instead and here’s why:

Vehicle Protection and Prevention of Injuries

There are plenty of possible mishaps that could happen when resorting to self-towing. In example, you might not have the right equipment on hand. To be able to properly tow, one would need to use durable chains to hook. Should you happen to use the wrong chain, the chain might suddenly break off and your car, in turn, will be cut loose. This poses as a danger to people on the road as well as to your car.

There might also be a possibility that the assisting car might not also be well-equipped to handle the pulling weight of your vehicle. The assisting vehicle’s back end could suffer damage because of this. There are also cases wherein the sheer weight of the vehicle could put too much strain on the assisting vehicle’s engine. This could lead to the engine blowing up or cause transmission slippage. In addition, it requires special skill to properly balance the speed and direction of both cars. Inability to do such could lead to both vehicles colliding and could lead to further damage to both vehicles involved.

Additional Services

More often than not, you can experience several mishaps all at once and may need all sorts of assistance. Tow truck services usually offer a wide variety of car emergency services such as jump starting, lock out service, fuel delivery, tire changing, winching and repossessions.

So, why are tow truck services important? By availing, tow truck services, you avoid causing further damage and mishaps to your vehicle and fellow drivers as well as save your time and money.  Next time, you’re caught in a jam, don’t hesitate to contact a trustworthy and highly qualified towing service company like Tow Truck Newark NJ. They’re just a call away: (201) 381-4778.

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