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Some Common Litter Box Mistakes

Having a litter box at home provides a lot of comfort. It contains benefits that you might suffer without having one at the household. For example, you might hide the smell of the cat because of the soil or sand. Plus, you might just create a fertilizer that you could use for your garden. And did you know that by setting up a litter box, you are teaching your cat to be responsible for burying its own poof or pee? The problem with cats living in a solid platform is that they cannot have the feeling of living in the wild which is there natural habitat. So, through the help of this litter boxes, you make them feel that they are still in there natural habitat. However, there are a lot of common mistakes that you should avoid in using this item. Here we list down some of those.

Putting it in a wrong location

You should be aware that cats, just like humans, needs to have a place of comfort when having a poof or a pee. Thus, you need to place it far away from noise surroundings and people. Do not also put it near the cat’s resting area, just imagine it for yourself. Bear in your mind that cats also needs proper hygiene, stay the litter box away from its food are, they would tend to go to somewhere else. Privacy is also important, choose a place where there are no other cats that might disturb them. However, do not make it too much far away and make it accessible as possible. Just think that they will just find another spot if they cannot access it easily. You don’t want them to poof or pee on your bed, don’t you? So find a good location.

You lack a litter box

Imagine having one litter box for ten cats in your household. This might just let them not to be responsible in making poof or pee, simply because they will not become comfortable. Imagine, if you are the cat, would you share a box for many others? Of course not, you will just tend to find another location where you will not have any companions. The rule is this, if you have one cat, you must have at least two litter boxes. If you have two cats, then, you must have at least three litter boxes. The more boxes you have, the better. To find out more about this product, you could visit