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Let Positive Aura Cover You

In this fast changing world, we humans made a lot of things. We invented different machines that could help us in our daily lives. There are a lot of gadgets coming out almost every month, because of the continuous innovation of technology. But as you will observe, there are still a lot of people who are unhappy and seems stress from their life. According to statistics, the number of people who experience depression in the current times is getting too high compared to previous generations. This is very alarming as it gives a message that we should take seriously. Well, let us admit that the society is getting worse, but one of the simple things that we could do temporarily is to have some traditional activities that we might be used in order to spread some positive auras in our environment.

Define happiness

One of the problems of this world is that people are never getting satisfied. They are always looking for things that they do not really need, some people are getting buried in debt because of their greed. Sometimes, it is a good practice to check your closet and look on the things that you have stored in it. Check if how much of those items are you still using now? If you think that a lot of it are useless, then you might become a victim of materialism. It is time to define your true purpose, prioritize the most important things and lessen that unnecessary. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a bit pleasure. But you should not make it your priority, remember that there are more important things than the material world. Perhaps your family is waiting for you or your community needs your spirit of volunteerism.

Share to others

One of the most common mistake that we commit is when we think that our happiness is just an internal matter. We should always think that our happiness is also connected with those people around us. When our loved ones, friends or our community is not happy, then consciously or unconsciously, we might not be happy too. Everyone in this world is connected with other creatures, animals, plants, trees, lands, water and other fellow human beings. Destroying the balance of creatures would destroy everyone. So, it is now time to spread love to others as well on our nature.

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