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Italian Restaurants At Roanoke: Must Try Frank’s At Brambleton

Simplicity, freshness and tastes that tickle your taste buds are just some of the known signatures of the Italian cuisine. The city of Roanoke is home to several Italian restaurants due to the demand of the people looking for an authentic dining experience. One of these Italian restaurants Roanoke is the Frank’s at Brambleton located along the Brambleton Avenue.

Frank’s at Brambleton Italian Cuisine has been a well-known Italian restaurant for several decades now. It is a family owned restaurant and the owner is hands on with serving their customers. The casual atmosphere and the employees greeting you are very welcoming that you will feel at home. There are also tables enclosed in wooden panels great for a little privacy and space with your family and friends.

The restaurant serves Neapolitan and Sicilian Pan Pizzas. Their pizzas are served in whole or in slices, with your choice of toppings and request for additional cheese and toppings are just for an extra couple of dollars. The hand tossed regular crust Neapolitan pizza comes in three sizes, the 12 inches, 14 inches and lastly the 16 inches pizza. Meanwhile, Sicilian Pan Pizza comes in one size which is 12 inch square. They offer around 20 selections of toppings so you will have quite a hard time in choosing but still enjoy the experience. The appetizers are also delightful; they have Buffalo wings, Mozarella Sticks and French Fries in a basket to name a few. Delectable Salads are served with crackers and your choice of dressings. Some of their salad choices are the House Salad, Frank’s Chicken Salad and Antipasto Salad. Their entrees are served with bread and butter. Some entrees worth trying are their Cheese Ravioli, Stuffed shells and the classic Baked Spaghetti. Frank’s at Brambleton is also known for their wide options of subs. There so many to choose from and some of the scrumptious subs they offer are the Meatball and cheese, Randy Chicken, Steak Special, Turkey Beast and there are also for vegetarians like the Vegetarian and the Eggplant Vegetarian subs.

Frank’s at Brambleton is open Monday to Sunday. Opening time is around 11 AM however during Sundays they open around noon time. They close are around 10 PM Monday to Thursday, around 11 PM every Fridays and Saturdays while 9 PM during Sundays. To know more about their offerings, for reservations or ordering for carry out, you can call them 540-989-9190 or you may visit their website.