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Things to Remember When Buying a Wedding Flower

Your wedding choices are your fashion statements. It’s the first thing that your guest will see, from your dress, hairstyles, make-up and yes! The wedding flower. You might already have chosen a flower that fits your wedding theme and location, but have you already think about the factors that could affect the flower? Not all flowers are available in every season. Have you consider the arrangement from tables, bridal bouquets or ceremony flower? There lots of list to ensure when buying a wedding flower, that’s why we list down some of the most important things that you should not forget when buying a wedding flower.

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Do your Research

You need to speak to a florist when you do not have any idea regarding wedding flowers. Choosing for yourself without the advice of the expert is a risk that is not recommended. Imaging if at the end, the flowers you pick did not match theme and location of your wedding, it would cost you not just time but money or worst a wedding disaster. Call your neighbor floral designer and tell him/her about your wedding vision so he/she can provide a life floral design even you know nothing about flowers. The floral designer could also advice you when the flowers that you want is available on your wedding day, if not he/she could provide an alternative to fit on what you want.

Support Local

Going local does not only support your neighbor florist, but it could also saves you time and even money as compared to others that would add an extra cost on shipping. When you are planning to buy foreign flowers, bear in mind the factors that could affect its freshness like travel, storage and temperature. By choosing you local flowers, you are helping your community to promote its own as your guest could see its beauty.

Why Not Recycle

Have consider reusing the flowers in the ceremony and move it to the reception area? By doing so, you would cut up the cost by half. Your floral designer would understand of you will do this and you might get surprised when he/she recommends it. Worrying about your guests comments? They would not even notice it. Surely, the expenses of your wedding is not that easy to earn, so why not take alternatives that could save you money.

Flowers could reflect your fashion statement, so it’s fair enough to spend time and money to choose the best for your big day.

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