Hot Topics

When needed, JWEP jointly commissions new, high impact Research and Development (R&D) assignments called Hot Topics, many of which are Evidence Reviews. Evidence Reviews (ER) are a way of reviewing and making the most of existing research. We deliver three types of Evidence Rewiew:

  • Quick Scoping Review (QSR)
  • Systematic Review (SR)
  • Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA)

Ongoing Hot Topics

  • Developing an Eco-System Services (ESS) Approach for Urban Catchment Management (WT1580)
  • Developing More Effective Models for Managing Water From the Local to the National Scale From a Risk and Pollution Perspective (LM0308)
  • Systematic Review of Environmental Needs to Support Water Abstraction Reform (EBPLW12044)
  • Urban Water Intern
  • Integrated Catchment Management - Stakeholder Engagement
  • Catchment Planning and Management KE Fellowship
  • ESS Approach to Green Infrastructure Planning

Completed MSc projects

  • MSc - European Water Research (completed September 2011)
  • MSc - Reviewing ESS implementation (completed September 2012)
  • MSc - Towards circular economy for P (completed September 2013)
  • MSc - Water JPI (completed September 2014)

Links to MSc outputs


JWEP Published Papers

Completed Hot Topics

  • Quick Scoping Review: Factors contributing to surface water flooding (FD2692) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Understanding the effects of climate change on water quality: A case-study assessment on rivers and lakes in England (WT0972) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Engagement Tools to Support WFD River Basin Planning Consultations - Outputs on Environment Agency website
  • How effective are farmland interventions for reducing Faecal Indicator Organisms (FIOs) in bathing and shellfish waters (especially Escherichia Coli and Intestinal Enterococci) coming from river catchments? A Quick Scoping Review - Outputs on WSKEP website
  • How effective are slurry storage, cover or catch crops, woodland creation, controlled trafficking or break-up of compacted layers, and buffer strips as on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment? (WT0965) - Outputs on the Defra website
  • Is Yellowfish an effective approach to engaging with local communities to improve the water environment? (WT0990) (ER) (WT0990) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Do On-farm Natural, Restored, Managed and Constructed Wetlands Mitigate Agricultural Pollution in Great Britain and Ireland? – Systematic Review (SR) (WT0989) - Outputs on Defra website
  • The Consequences of Climate Change for the Water Environment in England: an Assessment of the Current Evidence – Quick Scoping Review (QSR) (WT1540) - Outputs on the Defra website
  • The Health Risks of Bathing in Recreational Waters: a Rapid Evidence Assessment of Water Quality and Gastrointestinal illness (WT1530) (A JWEP assisted project) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Impact of Contaminated Land on Controlled Waters (QSR) (WT1545)   - Outputs on Defra website
  • The Impact of Pesticides Used for Amenity Purposes on Controlled Waters (QSR)  (WT1546) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Knowledge Exchange Workshops – Benefits of Woodlands (Workshops delivered by Forestry Commission to the Environment Agency) – A JWEP assisted project
  • The Impact of Agriculture on the Water Environment: Summary of Evidence (QSR) (WT1549) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Project 6 Aligning flood risk and river basin management planning (QSR) (WT1562) - Outputs on Defra website
  • Emerging tools and techniques to deliver timely and cost effective evidence reviews (WT1552)  - Outputs on Defra website
  • Project 1 Detection of infectious viruses in bathing waters (QSR) (WT1562) - Outputs on Defra website