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5 Tips to Prolong Your Hot Water Heater’s Life!

Our hot water heaters are always one of our most important appliances throughout our homes, and it’s also one of the most over-looked. Many homeowners don’t even know where their water heaters are throughout their property! When it comes down to it, you’re going to want to maintain the longevity of your water heater at all costs because replacing it is extremely costly.

Even repairs are costly, so we’re very lucky to have teamed up with Beehive Plumbing, a hot water heater repair specialist, to help us compile this list of 5 tips that will help you and your household to keep your hot water heater going well into the future!

So here are the 5 tips to prolong your hot water heater’s life!

1. Know what type you have

This is some pretty basic information about your home, but the truth is that so many people don't know what type of water heater they own! This means you should know if it runs on electric, natural gas, or propane. You should also know if your hot water heater is a tank or is tankless, because this makes a big difference in terms of how to do upkeep.

You should know the model and serial number of your water heater, and the basic information pertaining to your specific model. This means things like how old it is and the gallon capacity it has.

2. Understand how to turn your water off

You should always know how to shut off your water completely throughout your home prior to any mishaps, and this includes the overall fuel supply to your water heater. This is crucial just in case you and your household find yourselves in an emergency situation, or if you’re smelling any gas coming from your water heater.

There will typically be a shut-off valve near the top of your water heater that will allow you to quickly turn things off, but when it comes down to it you’re going to need to know where this is just in case things go wrong and you need to ultimately save the life of your water heater in a jiffy!

3. Clean the surrounding area

The overall area around your water heater needs to be rather clean in order to preserve the hot water heater’s longevity, and this is for a variety of reasons. You’re not going to want to smother your water heater that’s gas-fired, because it will ultimately affect the overall efficiency. If your water heater starts leaking it can be more difficult to catch if the surrounding area is covered up, and putting things near your water heater can ultimately be a fire hazard.

4. Flush out your water heater on a regular basis

This is something that all homeowners should do about once a year, but of course that is not always the case for so many of us. There are a few different ways you can go about doing this, but in the end it will help you keep sand and other debris from building up in the bottom of the tank and causing a whole array of issues.

Lingering sediment in your hot water heater is a serious issue that needs to be taken seriously, because over time it can create drastic effects you’re better off avoiding!

5. Get regular inspections

One of the best things you can do for your hot water heater is to get professionals to come check it out on about a yearly or bi-yearly basis. Just having a professional plumbing company come look at your hot water heater can always go a long way in terms of routine checkups, because they’ll be able to let you know when your tank is on the verge of having serious issues.

For more information about taking care of your hot water heater, reach out to Beehive Plumbing via the link at the top of the article.

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