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IoT Convergence Preparatory Studies (2012)

Outcomes of Internet of Things Convergence preparatory studies

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the trend for environments, buildings, vehicles, clothing, portable devices and other objects to have more and more information associated with them and/or the ability to sense, communicate, network and produce new information. It involves technologies and services that, with the rapidly expanding amount of data from the physical world increasingly accessible via the Internet, will have a radical impact on business and how we live.

To fully realise this potential and to achieve the rates of innovation and wealth creation we have witnessed with the development of the Internet, we need an open applications and services ‘ecosystem’ which extends both within and across sectors

 Last October, the Technology Strategy Board launched a competition to fund 10 preparatory studies to develop scenarios and strategies designed to understand more clearly the route towards an open application and services marketplace for the Internet of Things.

 The studies, which ran for four months from March 2012, were rooted in specific actual use cases in a variety of sectors and the looked at the following:

  • the nature of the opportunity and the barriers to an IoT ecosystem
  • the applications and services that could be developed with business models and costs-benefit analyses
  • the challenges in improving access to data from ‘things’ and how they could be overcome
  • practical approaches to overcoming barriers and realising the opportunities
  • suggestions for demonstration facilities to support experimentation

This static portlet aggregates and disseminates the outcomes of these studies and the approach taken, together with the findings.




Summary report:
Project abstracts:
Full reports:
Original competition brief:
Information on showcase event (June 2012):
    - Short video:
    - Slides from the projects:
    - Live blogging
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