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New models for growth that prioritises our finite natural resources & societal well-being

Is our global economic system fit for purpose in our fast-changing world? With population growth due to rise, this will pose new pressures in the face of climate change and the limitations of our planet's resources. We need to consider a new and more balanced way of how we view prosperity, the bottom-line and growth.

As part of WWF's 50th anniversary celebrations - our 'World with a Future' event invites senior business and policy representatives to join us and explore how you can play a role in the transfer to a new global economy. Learn from our inspiring speakers such as:

- Lord Adair Turner (Chairman, Financial Services Authority)
- Tim Jackson (Economist - Sustainable Development Commission)
- Ian Cheshire (CEO, Kingfisher)
- Rob Hopkins (Founder, Transition Towns)

Held at the beautiful, Eden Project (Cornwall, UK), the location is first and foremost to remind us of our dependence to and connection to the natural world.  The event will help deepen your understanding of emerging environmental risks and how to build resilience as well as learn of innovative approaches that are profitable and competitive.

RSVP before 25 Feb and recieve £100 off your second ticket (book at the NGO rate).

Visit - or contact myself at
Event details: World with a Future, 24-25 March 2011, The Eden Project, Cornwall



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Has this group died?
Posted on 07/12/11 23:00.
Hi Tony

Am the new business model theme champ. I will be posting blogs through out the year and news of events. We have one coming up on the 15th Feb, you can view it on the events page above.

Hope that helps, and that I get chance to meet you this year.
Posted on 06/02/12 13:28 in reply to Tony Smee.
Hi Melissa,
Blog away, my views of the TSB and the concept of the KTN & _connect are changing as I see how it's developing. I've written to the top guys to highlight that a different aproach is needed. It's on my blog, more later.
But I agree with the theme of this thread, natural resources and societal well being.
Posted on 10/02/12 02:07.

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