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Deadline approaches-15th March for a chance to win some MOO vouchers


The Leap day may be over but the business challenge is still on going. If you have already downloaded your workbook and filled it out, you have until the 15th March to drop us a line for a chance to win £150 of MOO vouchers.

Yes, we admit it we are bribing you with an offer of cool business cards, personalised greeting cards but we want to make this year as collaborative as possible by getting you involved and wanted to offer a small token of thanks for participating.

Just to remind you, keep the contents of the Leap Day workbook to yourself, that is private, only share it with folk that you want to.  What we are looking for is feedback on the process you went to, where you currently are as a company and what help you might need in order to develop.  You can send your thoughts, suggestions to by 5pm on the 15th March.


If you have not had a chance yet to start reviewing your business model, it is not too late. Here is a link to the workbook


We are also going to be arranging an invitation only round table for senior creative leaders. If you would like to be considered for this please email us on the above address with roundtable in the subject line.




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It worked for Alan Sugar, so why not. This kind of marketing hype is sadly missing in the UK, it's very American. In this particular case I think it needs a stronger product, anyone can make business cards and there are a dozen printing prontaprint type firms struggling in every town.

For members of this group a little feedback would be helpful in identifying what business models are winning, was there any feedback and where the growth is. Nesta have a good study about the 6%, it seems that most firms just plod along, up & down but not growing much. Big globals like Rolls Royce & BAE are not growing but surviving quite well.

If the TSB is looking for the growth in British Business then there's a lot more to it than holding meetings and discussion groups. There appear to be little interest from the elusive Iain Gray, does he still draw his salary? Is there any monitoring & reviewing of all this activity, to see what help small firms really do need in order to develop? Does Vince Cable, David Willets, Mark Prisk know there is a TSB website?

The words in his welcome to the TSB site are beginning to look a little hollow:
"At the Technology Strategy Board, our vision is to see the UK as a global leader in innovation and a magnet for technology-intensive companies, where new technology is applied rapidly and effectively to create wealth"

There's a rather nice viseo clip on the Swindon B2B website where they say that the TSB is Swindon's biggest kept secret, i.e. no one knows they are there.­windon+Innovation
Posted on 31/03/12 15:54.

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