This site is managed by the Internet of Things Special Interest Group (SIG), which is run by the Knowledge Transfer Network.

The SIG will support the TSB in delivering on its ambitions for the Internet of Things through two interconnected objectives:

  • Build awareness and understanding of the opportunities for, and barriers to, UK business through cross-sectoral IoT applications and services
  • Promote the exploitation of those opportunities and stimulate cross-sectoral collaboration and innovation.

The  SIG will achieve its objectives through the following core work-streams:

  • Knowledge-building: Build knowledge and understanding of the IoT landscape and opportunities, including international
  • Community-building: work with the KTN to build a cross-sector community and develop activities with the community around a high-level strategic agenda of "Internet Style" Internet of Things applications and services
  • Opportunity-building: including direct support engagement and participation in the TSB IoT initiative – in particular the funding calls.
  • Support and showcase:  identify, highlight and promote successful and exemplary projects and applications, including those funded by the TSB.

A SIG Brochure has been published, setting out the range of work being pursued by this Special Interest Group.

Have a look at it here.

IoT Brochure, Final PDF

Download a copy here.

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