Internet of Things Convergence

The Technology Strategy Board is investing £500,000 in preparatory studies to develop strategies for moving towards a converged and open application and services marketplace in the Internet of Things. Following the preparatory studies, we will invest up to £4m in a competition for a demonstrator in 2012. 

The first phase of the Competition is now closed, but some background briefing on the competition can be found in this video



Participants from the ten projects met recently to share project plans, and to discuss how they would begin addressing the points highlighted. Here is a short summary of the discussion held and the emerging themes, which will form the basis of a fuller discussion as the projects progress.


TSB Workshop 1 Public Summary

Background to the Competition

Extensive consultation with UK industry and academia shows that the full economic potential of the Internet of Things is held back by systemic issues such as fragmentation and barriers to application and service development at scale.

The challenge is the formation of an open application and services ecosystem of the Internet of Things, unlocking new markets in services and helping the UK to gain a competitive advantage in Internet of Things technology, services and adoption.

The route to achieving this includes:

  • an increased, easier and more open availability of data from ‘things’ to fuel innovation in applications and services
  • a more harmonised access to that data across organisations and sectors, enabling greater innovation and developments at scale
  • experimentation and innovation in applications and services, and testing of business models and use cases, in order to increase adoption, build investment propositions and realise value.

The need to embrace higher-level agendas was stressed by the EU Commissioner for Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes at a conference in May 2011 when she said: ‘The real innovation will come from combining Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things.’ It was also outlined in the ICT Knowledge Transfer Network Future Internet Report May 2011 (/web/ictktn).

If we are to achieve these aims, there are technical, organisational, legal, ethical, user and business challenges to meet — particularly on privacy and security. Many of these challenges are poorly understood.

The Technology Strategy Board will invest £5m to help achieve those aims first in a £500,000 competition for preparatory studies which will be followed in 2012 by a further up to £4m investment in a competition for the development of an open Convergence Demonstrator to encourage the emergence of an Internet of Things application and services marketplace.

Although the first phase of the Competition is now closed, look out for regular updates.