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IoT Success Stories, International Roadmap and AIOTI Reports

EU Initiatives have recently published: an updated set of IoT Success Stories, an IoT International Roadmap and a set of sector studies of IoT activity.

IoT Success Stories - Series 3

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next digital revolution through which billions of connected things (nearly five billion at present, reaching 25 billion by 2020) will
transform people’s lives, drive growth, create employment, increase comfort, provide better health- care and increased independence, and address societal challenges.

 Success Stories - Series 3

Thibault Kleiner, Network Technologies DG CONNECT, European Commission, commented:
"I hope that in reading these success stories, you can find useful information that give you further confidence in IoT technologies and inspire you to exploit, innovate in or develop the Internet of Things growing market."

IoT International Roadmap

Smart Action Project

The development of current IoT technologies was only possible by the integration of different hardware and software technologies. 

To further advance IoT this roadmap investigates the research areas nanotechnology, biotechnology and cognitive sciences. After showing their strong market, the three areas and technologies are analysed in depth. 

We show possible applications of IoT in nanotechnology, biotechnology and cognitive sciences and how technologies from these areas can be used to enhance IoT and to bring IoT to a new level. 

Finally, the roadmap gives recommendations on how this collaboration should be conducted.    International Roadmap

Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)

Aware of the potential of using the IoT, in March 2015 the European Commission initiated the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI), aiming at creating an IoT Ecosystem that would enable Europe to get a global lead in this field and foster a Digital Single Market (DSM) for IoT.

The overall goal of this Alliance is, therefore, to strengthen links and to build new relationships between the different IoT players (industries, SMEs, start- ups, stakeholders) and sectors, also promoting interoperability and convergence between standards, thus facilitating policy debates, and preparing a Commission’s initiative for large scale testing and experimentation, scheduled for 2016. 

The KTN assisted in the development of several of the reports but in particular we used our extensive knowledge of the IoT Ecosystems to support the work of Working Group 3 - see  AIOTI SDO and Alliances Landscape.  This deliverable introduces IoT Standards Developing Organisation (SDO), Alliance and Open Source Software (OSS) landscapes to be used as input for the recommendations for Large Scale Pilots (LSPs) standard framework and gap analysis. 

The 11 working groups of AIOTI presented their reports at the ICT 2015 event in Lisbon as the EU ICT Funding Programmes were announced.  The full set of reports are in a document folder on this site: AIOTI Reports

For further information contact Nigel Rix

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