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gateone EU accelerator webinar 28th April 2015

Smartization (EU word!) is happening. It is a € 54B innovation opportunity in 2020 for connected devices (Source: Yole Développement, Technologies & Sensors for the Internet of Things: Businesses & Market Trends 2014-2024). The gateone project is dedicated to support European SMEs to benefit from this market opportunity in selecting the right technologies to adapt and adopt. The gateone project is offering to European SMEs a free evaluation program of demonstrators developed by leading European research centers.

On the 28th of April at 1:00 PM CEST, gateone project will hold its first webinar. Invited key speakers will share with participants their expertise in key success factors to develop business including market opportunities, product development approach, state of the art technologies, and accessible funding. To register, please click: GATEONE WEBINAR.

Indeed invited experts will share 5 key success factors to develop business:

1 – A market opportunity

Developing business requires first a real market opportunity. The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole) will share its analysis of the Internet of Thinks (IoT) and wearable devices market evolution.

2 – Differentiation

Key technologies to adopt to make the difference in the market will be presented. Among various solutions offered by gateone project, this first webinar will focus on energy management, one of the key challenges for IoT and connected devices. It will include:

§  Low power by design: a holistic approach to the energy management issue;

§  Energy harvesting: collecting energy from vibration, light, rotation …

§  Energy storage: Thin film batteries and super-capacitors enabling new form factors;

§  Autonomous sensor networks: sensors with low power consumption;

§  Battery Management Systems.

3 – Competitiveness

A cost efficient product design and development concept largely contributes to competitiveness. Good practices will be discussed between the experts.

4 – Access to funding

Private and public funding can facilitate access to technologies. BLUMORPHO will highlight the right approach to get access to funding.

5 – Benefits from gateone innovation action

The gateone project gives SMEs the ability to gather all those different key success factors in selecting attractive product concepts from a unique portfolio of technologies. They can then engage in a fully-funded project that will customise the demonstrators for their own needs after validation of their business case with support from experts.

"European SMEs are looking for quick, easy and effective support to assist digital innovation. gateone provides such an innovation service for European SMEs to improve their competitiveness. We strongly encourage European SMEs to make use of the services the project offers. gateone is one of the projects that form the Smart Anything Everywhere European Initiative”, said Willy Van Puymbroeck, Head of Unit at the European Commission DG Connect.

To register to gateone webinar, click GATEONE WEBINAR or go to



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Is there any way that I can be part of this implementation? I am Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA Consultant. My vision is aligned with this vision. Please let me know how I can be helpful to this project.
Posted on 12/06/15 11:32.

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