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EU IoT Large Scale Pilots - what and who?

The Future Networks part of DG CONNECT at the European Commission intends a call for IoT Large Scale Pilots to feature in the 2016/17 Work Programme. They got some clues at a stakeholder workshop in Munich last week and have now launched a consultation that runs to 30 November 2014. Basically they want to know what areas need to be covered - and if you are interested in committing to the programme. This is your chance to influence what goes into the work programme - and show some willing, if you are so inclined. Further details and a link to the consultation can be found here. Don't say you weren't asked!



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I'm interested that our Strannik Technology be included. This technology is based upon an unprecedented level of understanding of the autonomic nervous system. It is a mathematical model of the autonomic nervous system.

The technology has diagnostic and therapeutic significance. As a diagnostic system it is able to diagnose at the level of the system, organ, cell and at the molecular level where it can differentiate between genotype and phenotype. Each test can determine the onset of pathologies from the earliest presymptomatic origins, to determine 5-15 pathologies in each of over 30 organs. It is a technology which has similarities to genetic screening but which is significantly more advanced than genetic screening or biomarker type techniques. As a therapeutic system Strannik Light Therapy is believed to be over 90% effective when treating the wide range of conditions which are due to autonomic dysfunction.

The technology is described in a series of over 50 articles which have been published in medical journals, presented at medical conferences, in several book chapters and two books.

An independent report compiled by ICON Development Solutions illustrated the potential of this technology to reduce the cost of diagnosing and treating diabetes (in the UK) from circa £10BN pa to less than £5BN pa.

Best Regards,
Graham Ewing, Chief Executive

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