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Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator

Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator

The so called “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the set of technologies and methodologies underpinning “smart applications”, such as in transport, built environment, energy.  Imagining all the things around us that could be connected, it’s not surprising to think that some estimates put the market potential of  the Internet of Things in the hundreds of billions pounds a year worldwide.   

As part of an integrate programme, in October 2012 the Technology Strategy Board launched a competition for funding to stimulate  the development of an open application and services ecosystem in the Internet of Things (IoT).   The competition followed an investment in preparatory studies which concluded with a showcase in June 2012  (microsite here, TSB report here).

The response to the competition has been substantial in terms of quality and quantity, from large companies and small companies alike.  On 11 March 2013   Minister David Willetts  announced  the Technology Strategy Board will be investing into 8 business led projects to deliver and launch IoT clusters in spring 2014.

The 8 clusters, each in different areas and application scenarios, will aim to become open zones for experimentation and innovation to help industry address some of the key challenges to realize all this potential, such as ecosystem development, business models, interoperability, data availability, trust and cost.  They will be based on real-world scenarios (e.g. transport, built environment, a borough), including stakeholders with problems to be solved, application developers, especially SMEs,  owners of data streams from physical ‘things’ and people, and technology businesses who can make this data available and usable via open information hubs.

One of the exciting opportunities ahead for the portfolio, with potential for considerable wider impact, is that the 8 projects will jointly explore how to make the clusters interoperable and therefore tackling heads on, in an industry-led  and real contexts, one of the toughest challenges to the  development and scalability of the industry – that of interoperability.

The projects will start on 1 April  2013 and will complete by the end of March 2014. It is expected that each cluster will have significant external presence and this pertal will try to report the key news.




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This is the open group dedicated to the October 2012 £4m Internet of Things Ecosystem Demonstrator competition.

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